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I'm Loving - February

Being a mummy isn't a job to me. It's my life.

It comes first before everything else including myself, but lately I've noticed that putting my everything into my family and college is leaving me rather run down and feeling a bit shit if I'm honest.

So starting last month I've been trying to find some "Me time" and treat myself a little more. 

Although mummy's tend to just forget or put themselves second (or third/fourth/fifth), I've realised it's as important to take care of myself as much as I take care of others.

After all ... a happy wife (and mum) gives a happy life :)

This month I'm loving ...

L'Occitane lime hand cream - having my hands in and out of the wash basin at college then in and out of the sink at home is drying the living crap out of my skin. Throw in all the chemicals and different shampoos I'm using, it's becoming really irritated and has on occasion started to bleed. 

This is horrific to me as my hands are often an advertisement of my work (nail art/gels etc). I have tried various hand creams in the past but I was given this one by a friend and honestly I've never looked back. The smell is amazing. The zesty lime just reminds me of summer time and the Shea butter makes my hands so soft. After 2 weeks the dry skin was all but gone and almost a month later it's non existent. 

I will admit that at £8 a tube, it is expensive compared to some of the other hand creams you can buy for under £2 but for me, it's a luxury that I can justify and a little goes a long way. I've been using this tube everyday for a month and I've used just over a 3rd of the tube. Say it lasts me 3 months - that's about £2.70 a month. A cup of coffee for a month of gorgeous hands ... it's a no brainer!  

Alice in Wonderland tote bag - I will admit I have a thing for bags. For some women it's shoes, for me, I will drool over a handbag for weeks. So when one of my bags breaks beyond repair, it's a mixed emotion. 'Boo' that I I have to throw it out but 'Yay' that I can justify a new bag. Better still is when I have a gift card or promo code for the store ... and the cherry on the cake is when it's a Disney bag! 

I have always loved Alice in wonderland and when I seen this bag on their site I instantly fell in love. It is big enough to hold my college work as well as the occasional head (of the mannequin variety) and at the weekends it holds my shopping when I'm out and about with Agent M. The canvas means it is really light weight and yet strong enough to hold loads in it. 

I could see it working well as a holiday bag for trips to the beach or swimming as well as being spacious enough to be a nappy/change bag if needed. Plus who doesn't love a bit of Disney? The have other characters on the site too ... I've got my eye on the Minnie mouse one as a potential mothers day prezzie to myself :)

Elementary - Agent D is good at coming up with new things to watch. Between him and his work mates, I've been switched onto some brilliant movies and TV shows. This time round is Elementary. 

It's a modern day Sherlock Holmes show set in the US and stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. I'd never heard of it before but since borrowing the DVDs, I'm now hooked. It's onto it's 4th season in the states but unfortunately I can only get my hands on the first 2 seasons just now. It is available to "rent" as it were on Amazon Instant Video but i would rather have a tangible copy that doesn't require Internet to watch

I may end up buying my own copies of the DVD's in the future but till these ones have to be returned, I'm watching them on repeat (yes it's that good!).

Avon Magic Effects Nail Enamel - I have a confession to make. I have a bit of a nail varnish addiction too. Only I'd say that its worse than my bag obsession. I have 2 rather large boxes filled with enamels and a whole drawer filled with Gel polish.

*Perhaps its a good thing that I'm going to learn acrylics after the summer ... I have a whole business worth of polishes to complement it under my bed*

Because i have so many, i regularly change my nails to match my mood ... Which just now if feeling all loved up for Valentines day.

These polishes are great cause they give amazing coverage and provided you use a base and top coat you can get a few good days chip free wear. I like the metallic finish to them too. Great when you consider they are only £6 each (although i got them during a 2 for £6 offer).

Is there anything your loving just now? Have you got a go to item you would like to share?

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