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Mothers day gift ideas

Its almost mothers day which brings with it the struggle trying to find the perfect prezzie for the most important lady in your life. My mum is quite good when it comes to things like this as i can just ask her what she would like but below are some ideas for those of you who's mums give the vague answers "oh anything is fine" *rolls eyes*

  • Corioliss Titanium straighteners - I know everyone is on the GHD bandwagon but let me tell you from the point of view of a hairdresser, i wouldn't buy anything other than Corioliss. The titanium plates are so gentle on the hair and they leave it so soft and smooth. They come with varying temperature and a swivel cord so you don't get tangled up when using them to add waves.
  • No7 Gift set - There are many gift sets available for different skin conditions/needs but I've yet to find a brand that beats No7. I use the Everyday moisture and i feel like a total perve sometimes as i cant stop stroking my face. Its also an amazing brand if like me you have sensitive skin. Recommend them 1000%.
  • Hugo Boss Orange - What mummy doesnt want to smell nice? And with Spring starting to make an apperance, the fruity notes in this fragrance will go perfectly. I love this scent and wear it in the warmer months (and Hugo Boss Red in the colder ones).
  • OPI Mini Collection - OPI is without a doubt one of the best Nail companies I've ever used. I love the coverage that their polish gives and it goes on so smooth. This collection of minis has some of their best colours (and a few i haven't tried yet). Perfect if mum likes to change her nail colour quite often or if she's new to OPI and doesn't know what she'll like yet.
  • Techniques Make-Up Brush Set - You can have the best make-up in the world but if your putting it on with below par tools then its never going to sit right. These brushes are a great starter set for applying your make-up. The soft bristles are gentle on your skin but hold the make-up well, allowing you to build up coverage as you need it.

  • CafĂ© Tasse Pink Filled Hat Box - Its a tummy hug in a box. This hot chocolate kit comes with a mug, the powders and some eating chocolate too. The hat box once empty can be used to store all your lovely bits and pieces in :)
  • Mother's Day Colouring Book - Adult colouring is big just now and i personally can say it works well to unwind at the end of the day. Why not gift your mama a relaxing colouring book and let her colour herself calm (cause we all know how stressful being a mum can be).
  • Flowers - What mum wouldn't appreciate a bouquet of flowers delivered to her door? And with spring closing in, why not go for a nice colourful bouquet of tulips?
  • Lindt Lindor Chocolates - Imagine having fought with the kids to eat the dinner you spent hours on, getting them washed and finally settled into bed, How brilliant it would be to just collapse on the sofa with a cuppa and a box of Strawberry and Cream Chocolates. These limited edition choccies would hit the spot nicely and she'd love you for it.
  • Kindle Fire - Amazon have upgraded the original kindle in a big way. Times have changed from the basic and the paperwhite (although they are still available) and the newer kindle fires double as tablets. They can be used to play games, search and shop online, watch online TV like Prime instant video and Netflix. They can even take photos. I wasn't sold on the idea of kindle at first (being a big lover of the paper back) but honestly i couldn't be be without my kindle any more. It holds all my books and more (i started out with a basic and now have the Fire HDX)

  • Handbag - Every mum needs a good handbag to hold her life in and this one is perfect for the mum on the go. It has a large storage space in the centre with individual pockets for phone, keys (There is even enough space for her sanity *See below*).
  • Travel Mug - Caffeine makes the world go round and in my house Agent M refers to my morning cup of coffee as "mummy's little helper". This mug is perfect for coffee on the go (or tea or hot chocolate etc) and its lovely floral design is similar to Cath Kidston *without the price tag*.
  • Watch and Bracelet set - Have to drop child A off at school, Child B has a doctors appointment, the shopping is getting delivered at 4pm and hubby wants the footie recorded at 7pm ... a mums work is never done and there is always a scheduled to keep if things are to get done. Since she's going to have to keep track of time, why not let her look at something gorgeous while doing so.
  • Personalised Phone Case - Chances are 'mum on the go' has a smart phone attached to her at various points throughout the day. Its hard being away from the little ones due to work commitments etc but she can always carry them with her with a personalised phone case. You pick the photo, upload it to the site and they will create it and post it out to you.
  • Filofax - Also known as 'Sanity' in our house! Filofax is without a doubt one of the best things i have ever invested in and its probably the only thing that keeps my house running as smoothly as it does. Everything gets put in my filofax, appointments, college deadlines, school fun days, notes pages for shopping lists, blog post ideas etc. My A5 has it all! There are many different variety's and sizes available on the market so there is definitely something for everyone.