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My Week in Pics - 14/2/16

This week was really rubbish.

It was the February break from College which should have been great but since i was in bed all week coughing up a lung and sneezing my head off, it wasn't so.

Same goes with the pics i was taking. I made a point of keeping up with the #Project366 but other than that, i wasn't feeling very snap happy. Here's hoping next week is a bit more productive for me.

From the top ...
  • I've fallen in love with this Disney Tsum Tsum craze that is going just now. I have a few of the wee plush toys but this weekend i bought myself my first mini figures. Sully was the visible character and Sven was my surprise one ... Love them both :)
  • I also got 2 Lego blind bags from their Monster series, Bit annoyed that i got 2 zombie cheerleaders but i can always start an un-dead pep rally.
  • A wee selfie with my gorgeous wee boy (and my new hair cut). Please excuse the roots!
  • Although its still FREEZING outside, the sun is at least shining. Makes me look forward to the warmer weather.
  • Sick selfie while waiting for Agent M to come out of school
  • Shabba not leaving my side this week. Quite happy to sleep snuggled up next to me :)