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My Week in Pics - 21/2/16

Its been a quiet(ish) week here since the weather has been so horrible. With  the exception of college and swimming lessons we've not been out the house much.

I honestly cant wait till the warmer DRIER weather starts cause I'm fed up getting soaked all the time.

From top left ...

  • Practising my hair ups at college. This one makes me think of Minnie Mouse 
  • Some bridal looks too - My little sister has decided I've to do her hair if she ever gets married ... fingers crossed :)
  • This is an honest to god toy i found in a child's toy shop ... personally i think its a bit sick, but not as bad as the 3D hangman where you actually hang a character after you add all his limbs. I remember when the tiny tears that pee'd was a big deal. Oh and the titanic brick model that comes with an iceberg was a nice touch too *shakes head*
  • I finally caved and bought a new kit bag after spending ages sewing my old one back together. Still it lasted me almost 2 years so that's not too bad.
  • Agent M made me a flower at our Gran and Papas ... Hes so cute :)
  • Shabba coming to snuggle while i was blogging. He's always close by me these days which i find really sweet. (He's doing the same thing right now as i type on my bed)