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Hair Show 2016

It feels so good to just be able to sit and type out this post knowing that i can breathe for a little while before i need to start my next big assessment.

Last week i completed my Bridal assessment which was part of the Hair Show the College was showcasing at the Grand Hall in Kilmarnock.

It was a long day but we all pulled it off and it was a great night.

Here are some pics from the day/night :)

My model before i got started ... I didn't get a chance to take some after photos of my model as i was asked to help out another girl as she needed a model for hot rollers. 

I had big hair for the night afterwards :)

While i got my hair set, my model went into make-up. This lady is very talented!

I just had enough time to give her nails a quick coat of glitter polish while the rollers set in my hair.

We went down to the Grand Hall to finish getting ready. We didn't get a chance to try the dress on before the day but thankfully it fit her so she got changed and i did a few last minute touch ups. There was a lot of sitting around waiting as i managed to get all my hair prep done before 2pm. The rehearsal was at 5.30 and the show was due to start at 7pm.


 This is my finished design ... A Chignon with ornamentation.  


Chilling backstage before the big show ... nervous!

A quick snap of the stage before everyone started to arrive.

Let the show begin!

Time to take to the stage

My stunning bride :)