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How Kim K is hurting more than helping

Unless you have been under a rock for the last few years you will know who Kim Kardashian is. And unless you were visiting the rock i the last few days then you will know that Kim K has once again shared her naked self with the world.

I first seen the 'news' - and i use that term very loosely - while scrolling through facebook waiting for the kettle to boil. I usually stand in my kitchen after the morning school run and make a cuppa while catching up on the daily comings and goings so when Glamour Magazine (a page i follow) shared the story it was just another "awe she's got her cooch out again" kinda deal. Till i received this reply to my comment.

I've never really thought about hating someone before. At least not someone i have never met. I had a good think about it and honestly i don't think i hate Kim K. I think if anything i pity her.

Kim became famous and i would say single handedly thrust her family into fame with the 'leaking' of a sex tape. She became the butt of many jokes and to be honest, its something that many girls probably have done with their boyfriends and afterwards were terrified would be found out. Granted their naughty adventures being released wouldn't make them the reported $4.5 million that it made her! If that isn't making lemonade out of lemons then i don't know what is.

From there the family became reality TV stars and have since branched out all over the place. They have their perfectly manicured fingers in so many pies its hard not to be impressed at how well they're are all doing.

I don't hate the Kardashian Klan. I quite enjoy binge watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians in my jammies much to the disgust of Agent D and i have a bit of a girl crush on Khloe Kardashian. I felt sad when Kourtney and Scott split and i coo and ahh over the images of the younger generation. Their life is how i imagine living in a fish bowl would be. They are the proof that with a good "Momanger" you can become famous and make millions. The whole family are worth around £150 million ($300 million) according to Instyle. In exchange for the money and fame has came the scrutiny that she has faced. Its very unfair how the media have ripped her apart in the past like with her weight gain during pregnancy so i can see why she would want to celebrate her toned body. But this is starting to become too much.

I tried to think about what it was that really bothered me about her naked selfies when i realised that i decided not to have breakfast after seeing the image. Not cause i was put off by her body, but because it made me hate mine that little bit more. It probably says a lot more about my insecurities that it does about her liking to strike a bare ass pose, but we have this horrible culture just now of slut shaming and body shaming women, and i feel like images like this don't help. I'm not so hard on myself that i would start drastic measures like starving myself and exercising till i drop, but i know that there are many women and young girls out there who aspire to these images and would go to these extreme measures. She is a role model to many and posting images like this sends a bad message - Especially when its reposted with the hashtag #internationalwomensday.

Kim has hit back about how we shouldn't be body shaming her for "being proud of [her] body" and she's right, she has nothing to feel ashamed about. Her body is the "ideal" in the media. Her butt has indeed broke the Internet and her boobs defy gravity after having two kids ... but then a personal trainer, a team of photo shop editors and a plastic surgeon can make anyone look like the 'ideal woman'. She says "I am empowered by my body. I am empowered by my sexuality. I am empowered by feeling comfortable in my skin. I am empowered by showing the world my flaws" but there are never any flaws in her images that she releases. She is not that perfect and these photos are not the real her. Yeah all women should feel empowered and comfortable in their own skin but how can any normal woman possibly stand up against that?

I too am a mum and i can promise you that my body doesn't look anything like that. I know loads of yummy mummies out there who look nothing like her! It takes a lot more than most women have at their disposal to look like that.

Yeah maybe if i had the personal trainer coming to my house or the chef to make my healthy meals then i could have lost the extra baby weight. Maybe if i had her bank balance i could pay someone put my boobs back up to above my knees and get someone to airbrush my stretch marks away. I watch the show and see that there is a make-up artist and hairdresser there to help them all the time. Us normal mums have washing to do, kids to run to school, shopping to pick up and toilets to clean. Yes i would love to think that she does all these things too but i wouldn't put money on it.

Because Kim looks like she does, it is socially acceptable to show her naked body yet there are women who are getting grief for having their boobs only slightly exposed during breastfeeding. There is a double standard to women and honestly, Kim isn't helping things. 

She's not alone. Many female celebs have at some stage posed naked but Kim takes it to a whole new level. And considering she has openly said about how she regretted the sex tape as people called her a porn star and that she would never pose naked again, She has a lot of nude shots that tell a different story.

If the female form is to be celebrated with these kinds of magazine shoots or naked selfies, then it should be done so with EVERY form. Not just the size 2 among us, but the size 22. The size 10 ladies, the ladies that have had a mastectomy, the ladies with the muscle bodies and the ones that have the scars. The pale tummy's and the tanned thighs, the stretch marks and the rolls.

I want my son to grow up in a world that celebrates all women, not just the "pretty" ones. I would love to live in a world where there is no girl crying for being called fat at school or getting teased cause she's got scars. To me all women, Including Kim are beautiful, but that beauty shouldn't be used to get more likes on facebook or more shares on twitter. I feel sorry for someone with her business savvy and her influence that she needs to strip to feel "#Liberated".

I'm really not a hater. But she's not a helper