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I'm Loving - March

We're almost at the end of March and I'm still making a point of taking some "Me" time. I feel like its helping cause its been a while since I've had a really dark period. Yeah there have been some rocky days but they were due to extenuation circumstances ... so i think they can be ignored.

Anyway ... This month I'm loving ...

OPI New Orleans collection - As you know, I'm nail enamel nuts! I have a massive collection of colours and i often change my nail colour more than i have hot dinners! My favourite brand has to be OPI and i get way too excited when i get the Salon Services brochure through the door with a new collection. There Spring/Summer has arrived and as usual ... I'm in love!
Since i have a trade card i get the enamel discounted and thanks to a "buy 3 get 1 free" offer i picked up 4 bottles for £15 :)
 I just love these colours ... Next Vat free day I'm going to go back and get another couple of bottles as there are loads of great colours in the New Orleans collection.

Grimm - When we had to give back the borrowed Elementary, i had a hole in my evening viewing. You see when Agent M is in bed for the night I've started going to my bed too and watching a DVD. Its nice to just lie and chill after being at college all day or doing the masses of paperwork/projects/housework i also have. So I'm going back to a long time favourite, Grimm.

I was given the 1-4 blu ray boxsets from Agent D as a Christmas Prezzie and although i had watched most of it, i still had the last half of Season 4 to finish. After that i got hooked again so I'm starting from the very beginning now and working my way back through. Season 5 is on Channel Five I'm told but since i don't have an aerial to watch terrestrial TV I'm just gonna have to wait for it to come out on DVD/Blu Ray (No spoilers please!).

Daffodils - One of the best parts of spring is the flowers (and i say that even though i get sever hay fever). One of my favourites are Daffodils and at the park close to us they bloom every year.

They have already started and i love it. Sitting in the park while Agent M plays is just so much nicer in the spring time.