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Bridal Shower on a Budget

My little sister is getting married this summer.

That sounds so weird.

Getting over the initial squeak of excitement ... Then the next bout when she asked me to be her only bridesmaid ... I decided i HAD TO give her a special hen do/bridal shower thingy.

The only problem is my sister isn't really a "Hen Do" kinda girl. Plus the idea of providing my baby sister a platform on which to get paralytic (as is customary on a hen do) feels wrong some how. Yeah she's gonna be 25 this year but to me she'll forever be the 5 year old that needed her cuddly dalmatian teddy to keep away the vampires (my bad!).

A Bridal Shower is probably closer to what she would like ... Seeing as it could be anything really ... So after some discussion i have booked a posh hotel/manor in England for Afternoon Tea.

She's thrilled!!

But since this is the only thing i can really do for the wedding (since I'm 350+ miles away and not able to join in the planning *sad face*) i wanna make it AMAZING!

How I'm going to do this is a completely different matter.

I've booked a big posh hotel for an "Afternoon Tea" and I've been looking at what a Bridal shower should consist of ...

  • Games
  • Prezzies
  • Embarrassing stuff
  • Booze 
  • Gift bags
As the bridesmaid/maid of Honor/big sister of the bride, i feel like i wanna make this day as perfect as i can.

I'm excited to get it done ... just not sure where to start.

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