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From Fat to Fit

So I've started my "weight loss journey" and to be honest I'm petrified.

The reason being that I've decided to be brutally honest with you all about my "journey". *I really hate that phrase "weight loss journey" like I'm on my way to Rome or something.*

No I'm not on a happy journey ... I'm on a Fat to Fit journey ... and its gonna be tough.

You see according to the NHS website i am "Obese". I wouldn't have thought i was that bad but at 5'9 weighing 120kg (19st), I am in the dark orange ... dangerously close to the "Very Obese" column. *And don't think i didn't have a good cry over that*

According to this bloody chart of tears and self esteem destruction, i should be at the most 12 stones to be just in the "Healthy Weight" yellow. 


When i thought about setting myself a goal, getting in the yellow didn't feel realistic to me. It felt like I was setting myself up to fail so instead I'm gonna aim to get in the cusp of "Over Weight" at the apparently still unhealthy 13 stone. 

So here i am, 2 weeks into trying to lose 6 stone with a hopeful if heavy heart through a better diet and exercise.

Wish me luck!