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My Sunday Photo - 24/4/16

I'm a very lucky girl folks.

Yesterday after his work Agent D came and got Agent M and myself and we went into town. I had to drop M off with his papa as he was spending the night and D wanted to go to the game shops to have a look. 

While we were in there i saw a lovely windows tablet that i really liked. Agent D clocked me looking at it and asked if i wanted it? He had been looking to get me a belated mothers day prezzie but i couldn't decide what i wanted (i'm not used to people just buying me things so i never know what to ask for). We had a look at the tablet and after googling the specs, he bought me it :)

Isn't she gorgeous? I'm not sure what i'll call her yet (as i'm the weirdo that names her important devices ... its only polite :)