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My Sunday Photo - 3/4/16

Its been one of those days today. I got notified last minute that the council are needing access to my house to do maintenance (I'm getting a new heating system put in) but due to the 2 days notice, I've been rushed off my feet trying to get everything packed away and my carpets ripped up so that they can pull my floorboards up for new piping.

Top that off with waking up this morning to the power being out on the whole street so i couldn't make any breakfast or even have a cuppa coffee. Thankfully a wee trip to McDonalds sorted at least part of my problem and i was able to fuel up and get the rest of the house boxed up in time.

Thank goodness my dad had Agent M overnight last night as it was one less thing to worry about. Now all i have to do is figure out what i can do for 8 hours with a kid and a dog tomorrow while the council destroy update my home.