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My week in pics - 4/4/16

This should really read "Weeks" in pictures as I've not been able to upload for a while. Thanks to having limited internet and been rushed off my feet, I've not had a chance to look through the pages of photos i have stored on my phone.

Right now though I'm sitting in my Gran's kitchen having been exiled from my house while the council tear out my boiler so i figured now is the time to do it :) I'll stick to the last week though cause otherwise we'll be here forever.

From top left ...

  • My lovely house looks like a construction site waiting for the council to come in and pull up the floorboards to put new pipes in. I'm tying not to have a panic attack as i type to the amount of mess and damage i'm going to come home to :(
  • A night out with my boys on Friday to TGI Fridays ... So of course that means a selfie moment with Agent M.
  • Agent M rocking the Uncle Sam hat (original colouring by himself lol)
  • My bursary that i had planned to save for the summer had to go (in large part) to buying storage boxes. Once my house is back in order, they can double as toy boxes and storage for my crafts so its not a total loss.
  • My wee shabba after his daily brushing out ... He looks so fluffy. Will need to trim his fur back for the summer coming soon.
  • Playing with wigs in class ... I think i suit this actually. My wee gran didnt recognise me :)
  • And in the center is the most delicious brownies i have ever tasted (and that includes my own sadly). I'll have dreams on how to make mine that yummy.