Fat to Fit - 4 week weigh in

A few weeks ago i shared with you my realisation that i had let myself go ... BIG TIME! When i weighed myself 4 weeks ago i was bang on 19 stones. If you missed that post you can find it here.

Well today is my 4 week weigh in and I'll be honest, i was slightly nervous. I've been having a rough week and I've gone over on my Slimming World syns more than once.

But when i stepped on the scaled this morning and read 18st 4lb i was in shock! I double (and triple) checked the scales and its right enough.

That means that in 4 weeks i have lost 10lb ... 8lb of those have been in the last 8 days since i started slimming world (i weighed myself before i started on the 3rd and was 18st 12lb).

When i think that my target was at least a pound a week (meaning a 4lb loss) I'm beyond chuffed with the 10lbs I've actually dropped.

I'm gonna keep on weighing myself every 4 weeks as seeing such a big loss has given me a real buzz and I'm hoping that will help me continue to try and lose weight and get fit.

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