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My Sunday Photo - 15/05/16

Its been a lovely day here in the West Coast of Scotland and since it was Agent D's only day off this week, We decided to make the most of it.

It started off with a breakfast at Asda. I'm not gonna lie i gave up trying to count syns today as i think the only slimming world friendly thing i had was the bottle of water i carried around with me and the salad i had with dinner ... The rest i have no clue but i'm calling today a hiccup rather than a failure. I'll just need to work out extra this week to try and level it out.

Anyway after breakfast and a trip into town, we decided to go to Ayr beach since it was such a warm, gorgeous day. While we were there we seen loads of Ice-cream shops but Agent D said that we "had to try the best ice-cream ever" which in his opinion is Renaldos ... I will admit, The melon ice-cream is quite possibly the best thing i have tasted in a long time, but i cant cave in and say its the best ice-cream shop as to me, that has to be Varani's Forum Cafe in Kilmarnock.

I tried (clockwise from top left) Banoffie pie, Orange Choc Chip, Melon and McCalum Crunch

Soooooo Yummy!