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My Sunday Photo - 8/5/16

I love Sunday's with Agent M. We can just chill out and not have to really do anything if we don't want to. This Sunday we decided to have a movie day (since we got way-laid last night with WWE). We started off with Hotel Transylvania 2 (which was brilliant) and then The Good Dinosaur.

One thing you are guaranteed with a Disney/Pixar is a kick straight to the feels and this one didnt disappoint. 


Not 5 minutes after this part in the movie the much loved dad dies in an epic Lion King-esk fashion and poor little Arlo feels so bad/responsible. Cut to Agent M coming to cuddle me trying to hide his tears which just pushed me over the edge.

There is nothing more upsetting than having your little one cry and you know its got a deeper root than just seeing something sad. Agent M instantly started talking about wanting Agent D here cause he missed him.

That scene smacked his no dad button with a mallet. You see as much as he tries to hide it Agent M really missed not having a dad he could look up to and play with. Agent D has stepped into the dad role and does try to be there for him but Agent M still remembers when my ex turned his back on him when he was little and its such a raw nerve that whenever "dad" stuff comes up and Agent D isn't here, Agent M gets annoyed or upset.

I can only hope that he grows out of it as his bond with Agent D grows stronger.

Till then I'll just be here providing the cuddles and letting him know i have his back always.