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Today it is really warm. 

Its definitely ice-cream weather, and although the Agents are indulging, I'm not. 

Sometimes i get really irritated that i cant have some Ben & Jerry's ... Heck this morning i got annoyed that i couldn't have a roll and square slice like everyone else. It gets frustrating that i have to be so careful with what i eat ... 

But then i weighed myself this morning just to see how much damage i done during my impromptu trip down to my mums (where i stopped counting syns and ate fried food) and i have lost another 2 pounds ... That's 12 pounds in total i have lost in 6 weeks

Considering i started at 19 stone, knowing that I'm only 2lb off of losing a stone fills me with such a proud feeling that i will scoff down my syn free food and to heck with the ice-cream. I'll freeze some grapes and make do ... It will be worth it in the end when i can look in the mirror and not wanna cry :)