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I'm Loving - June

This Month I'm Loving

I've not really had the chance in the last couple of months to pamper myself ... and you know something, i missed it. I felt the difference too. Not taking time to myself each week has made me realise just how important "Me" time is. Especially when life is trying to drown you!

I've been taking a step back recently and am making time for myself again. Hopefully it will help but if not, at least I'm getting some down time. Being stressed out isn't something that should prolong so doing anything to release the stress is definitely recommended.

This month I'm loving

Wild Argan Oil Bubble BathWild Argan Oil Bubble Bath - I received this bottle as a free gift from the body shop and i finally got round to trying it. I love the Body Shop products as they make my skin feel great, they smell amazing and they don't cost an arm and a leg for a little piece of luxury. This is the first time i have tried a bubble bath from them (and I've never tried the Wild Argan range before either) so i was pleasantly surprised with how lovely it was. The bubbles lasted quite a while and the scent was still on my skin half an hour later. I'll definitely be getting the body butter to match the bubble bath next time i order.

At £8 a bottle it is a bit more expensive than i would usually pay, however for a bit of luxury Mummy pampering, I'd buy it again (and hide it from the Agents).

Disney Lego Minifigures
Disney Lego Minifigures - I love Lego and i love Disney so the combination of the two was bound to be a hit with me. I've got 5 figures so far (and thankfully no doubles) but my faves have to be Ariel and the Cheshire Cat. I'm wanting to collect them all and get them framed so i can display them in my room (and away from the Lego addicted Agent M). I just hope i can collect them all.

Orange is the New Black - I've been re-watching season 1 to 3 over the last month in anticipation of season 4 starting yesterday. I do however have to wait till Agent D is over before i can watch the new season, which I'm not gonna lie is driving me a wee bit mental, but tonight we'll be binge watching while Agent M is in bed. I have my low syn snacks put past to enjoy while we watch. If you haven't seen the show yet i couldn't recommend it highly enough. I'm giddy to continue and meet the new inmates *counts down till bed time*

Orange is the New Black Cast

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