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My Sunday Photo - 12/6/16

I don't know why but for long enough there were never really any photographs up in my house. I had one or two of Agent M in my room but downstairs, where people could see (cause i don't allow anyone in my room) there wasn't really any. 

Recently though i have been rectifying that ... And thanks to a Snapfish offer on Woucher (£10 for a £30 credit) i have taken full advantage of all my free wall space.

My Sunday Photo

The Poster Print is £5.99 for the 18x14 inch size and i bought a frame from Wilko that only cost £3.50. Granted the frame is a little big as its 20x16 inches (and its not lined up right as i was in a rush) but until i find a frame that it will fit perfectly, it will do me fine. I like coming in the house or down the stairs and seeing happy pictures of my family.

With the rest of the voucher i used to get images printed off that i can add to my Smash Books and some frames i have stashed away.

Who knows what else i'll end up getting though as i'm getting the hang of snapping memories :)