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I'm Loving - July

Its been a busy month with the summer holidays starting and going down to visit my family in England but I've managed to get some me time and to take care of myself.

Stir Fries - Sometimes when you cant be bothered cooking you just order in a take out. I know I've done it before ... But a take out isn't just bad for the purse (especially when your trying to budget) but its also bad for the waist too. So when i have days that i cant be bothered cooking a big meal, i just whip up a stir fry. From pan to table in less than 10 minutes is great and it full of veg which i love. Not only that, its completely Syn free so i can eat as much as i want. Win Win in my book!

Planner Stickers - I've recently splurged and bought myself a happy planner. Even though i sometimes feel guilty spending money on me, i try to remind myself that i don't smoke like Agent D does, and Agent M gets treats all the time so it OK that i get myself something. To go with the planner, i bought stickers from The Geeky Planner on Etsy. Her stickers are brilliant quality and its a colourful way to keep track of the day to day running of the house and my blog.

Benefit Make-up - I was a bit miffed this month with my Glamour magazine subscription as it should have came with a Benefit Mini to add to my collection (except subscribers got shafted and you have to buy the magazine again in selected shops to get it) ... Reason I'm annoyed is I'm trying to build up a good collection of make-up for my sisters wedding in August. since I'm the only bridesmaid i want to look good, and my usual pale complexion resembles that of a recently turned zombie. I'm hoping that with some good make-up I'll at least pass for human on the day. God forbid i need to get a spray tan before hand!

My Name is Earl - I seem to be going through a series a month just now, and this time round is the ever funny My Name is Earl. Its an old programme so I'm sure you have heard of it but Agent D has them and I've yet to see them all so we've been working through them when hes here. I do cringe at some of the things they say as you can tell it was filmed before the world became politically correct but its still funny none the less