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I'm Loving - August

This month started out really busy and if I’m honest kinda stressful. I had my sister’s wedding coming up which I was excited about but at the same time was slightly anxious about and Agent M needed the last of his back to school supplies. I left it off till the last minute almost as he was going through a growth spurt and sure enough the school shoes I bought him and he wore ONCE are now too tight (when fitting perfectly 2 weeks before he started school). Sods law really isn’t it :(

Anyway, now he’s settled back at school I’ve had the chance to chill out a bit and enjoy some me time.

This month I’m loving …

Gilmore Girls - I used to watch this show YEARS AGO and often on repeat. When I was pregnant I used to hope that Agent M and I would have a relationship like Lorelai and Rory. In hindsight that’s not really the ideal as I think parent first and friend second is the best way to raise kids but at the time in my naiveté it looked ideal.

Now that the show is getting aired out again I the form of a 4-part series, the original has been released on Netflix and oh how I’ve missed the residents of Stars Hollow. The new series is out on the 25th of November, which has been marked in my diary. And leads me onto my second love of the month …

Happy Planner - I upgraded over the summer from my Filofax to a Happy Planner by the company ‘me and my big ideas’. I’ve been designing stickers recently for it along with buying some on Etsy. I have to admit I was a little sceptical and thought I would be back on my Filofax in no time, writing off the expensive price tag to a lesson learnt, but instead I’m still loving my planner and being able to decorate it how I like makes it feel more personalised.

Agent D is convinced I’ve wasted my money but it makes me happy. I think you have to be a planner addict to really get the pure joy that I feel when I use it  … no matter how crazy that sounds to most.

Disney Tsum Tsum’s - This is my new addiction and it’s taken hold of me really intensely. Wither it’s the little soft plushies or the plastic mini figures (Agent D has been feeding the addiction slowly) or the irritation of being only 32 stickers off of finishing my album, a childhood dream I shall finally realise. I’m not to bothered about the doubles though as I have been re-purposing them as diary stickers. Win Win.

Photography - I’ve been getting snap happy a lot more recently and have been enjoying making memories with my boys and my family. I’ve been working on a post about cameras as I love it so much … Keep an eye out early September *wink wink*.

Anyway, taking pictures is a great way to remember special days as well as the everyday ins and out of life. I’m hoping to get back into photography and take part in the FMS photo challenges again … I’ve missed doing them.