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Summer Snaps

Now that the Scottish kids are back at school, I've been thinking a lot about what we have been getting up to over the summer.

The summer holidays are always a perfect chance to catch up with family. There is no rushing about for school and everyone is full of energy ready to burn off through paying.

The sun doesn't set till later on in the evening so there is more time to enjoy the fresh air. Taking the dog for a walk before bed almost guarantees a good night sleep for everyone and even when the sun starts to set at 9/10 at night, the sky stays beautiful shades of blue. Everything about summer is picturesque. 

More importantly the Summer gives us all a chance just to chill out. Sitting in the garden relaxing is good for the soul. Enjoying the sunshine, the beautiful colours in the flowers and just enjoying being with each other.

Summer is a beautiful, colourful time of year, when all the flowers are blooming and the grass and trees are gorgeous shades of green. 

Its not hard to see why this is the Agent's favourite time of the year and for a snap happy mama, it provides a great chance to capture memories.

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