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Week 20 - Weigh In

I'm so far behind with my weight loss post. I completely forgot to get my week 16 update on here which is kinda ironic as i have since put weight on again ... bummer!

When i weighed myself on the 4th which was week 16 - and was seriously impressed that i had reached my 2 stone mark. I had been working really hard in the run up to my sisters wedding and i was chuffed to bits that i managed to lose 2 stones.

Unfortunately i took to celebrating a little too much and after the wedding, in the run up to the back to school madness we ended up getting take out (pizza - the cardinal syn) 3 times in one week. I stopped counting syns under the cop out of i'll get back on track tomorrow ... And unfortunately "tomorrow" literally came yesterday ... 9lbs too late :(

I weighed myself this morning and got a little shock. I was expecting to have put weight on but seeing it actually shocked me ... and that it was 9lb heavier was a little upsetting too.

I'm really not happy with myself and i need to get my arse in gear. I've been too loosey goosey with my eating and its gotta stop. I've been back to counting the syns and watching what I've been eating ... Adding salad to everything and trying hard to get back off the bread.

Hopefully by week 24, i'll be headed the right way again. I'm going to start working out again too (I've kinda missed that), and start walking more. Little steps that i stopped and DEFINITELY need to start again.