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My Sunday Photo - 25/9/16

Oh boy its been a looong weekend.

I've been trying to stop myself crying from the pain and subsequent itching from these stitches in my head. Agent M managed to swim the length of the pool twice during his swimming lessons (without stopping) and after a struggle to find trousers to fit him since BHS has shut down, we had a family wedding to attend.

I was impressed that Agent M managed to stay awake as long as he did and bless him when we got home after 11pm, he was out like a light as soon as his head hit the pillow.

I was glad of a long lie today too since he didn't get up till after 9am, yet more grateful that Agent D treated us to brunch at our local Wetherspoons. Even though i wasn't drinking last night i do feel a little rough today.

Its been nice to spend time with the Agents and just chill today before the madness of the week begins again.