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No Spend October

Since I've decided to start working towards debt free 30's ... I've been looking at ways to both make and save money. I'm terrible when we go into town for buying a coffee or if Agent M wants something like a sweetie, i'll just buy it. But at the end of the month i'm scrimping to pay of things and i hate it.

I don't have that big an income and the disposable portion is tear worthy, so i really shouldn't be wasting money. That's why i'm going to have a no spend month.
I'm trying to reduce my food waste too.

Last night i made pulled pork and although it might annoy Agent M having the same meal twice, I'm going to use the last of it up tonight, meaning i'm saving not having to cook a whole new meal and i'm using up leftovers so i'm getting more value out of the pork joint.

The premise of a no spend month is simple ... DON'T SPEND MONEY!

There are exceptions to the rule

  • Food (groceries not take-away's)
  • Bills, Rent, Utilities
  • Travel (though walking where possible)
  • Agent M's Swimming - I have block booked lessons but still have to pay the admission to the leisure centre every Saturday.
  • My Disney Swap buddy - Thats a commintment that i have agreed to and i'm not backing out of it.
Other than that, i need to put my purse under lock and key - and with any luck i can put away my target of £100 this month.