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Weigh in - Week 28

Let me preface this by saving i have comfort ate a lot recently.

Yes i know its not good and i am kind of undoing all my previous hard work but at the time when i am stressed out, the hard work doesn't come into it. I really need to come up with a better way to cope with my anxiety and stress i know but right now, this is a better option for me than starting smoking again.

That said i have only put on a pound this month which when i think about the take out, birthday cake, ice-cream and chocolate i have ate this month, I'm actually happy with the pound increase. I was fully expecting to have put on at least half a stone ... I'm gonna accept this. Not as a victory as I'm really messing up here and I'm owning up to it but as a "It could have been worse - maybe wanna fix this before i undo all my previous loss".

I've been thinking about going to the Slimming world meetings as a motivation to keep going. Plus everyone keeps saying how its easier to lose weight by going to the meetings. But i just cant afford to waste the money each week getting weighed when i prefer to weigh myself monthly anyway. I cant justify it.

I'll need to do something to get my mojo back, If not i can see me being back up at 19st by Christmas and it will all have been for nothing :(