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Phone Dump - 13/11/16

Its been a while since I've done a phone dump but I'm going to need to start clearing my phone more - had over 1000 camera images on my phone, and that's not even going near the saved pins or downloaded images.

These are some of my favourite images from the past week.

Starting from the top left -

  • I was having a rough week mentally, so i decided to have a duvet day and just watch movies all day. It was nice to take a break from life and just do what i wanted. Agent M was at school and i could just sit and cry (which for some reason made me feel better and watch horror movies - which i love).
  • I managed to pull myself together to go down to the college to help my friend out with an assessment. She needed a hair up and it was nice to have a catch-up with her. Will get another one this week as I'm going in for a cut and colour - eek!
  • I hate with a passion Christmas scents that are cinnamon or ginger - Ick! So when the festive time rolls round i opt for the nicer smelling ones - Mandarin and Cranberry is what i have going just now. I'm hoping i can find a reasonably priced Sugared Apple candle though as its my favourite.
  • My planner is starting to become 'too full' - if such a thing can exist. I've had to remove some of the sections i don't use to make some space. I'm going to design a fabric cover for it soon so i can have it encased and nothing can fall out. Now that I've started making and selling my own sticker for planners, it's jam-packed. 
  • An impromptu trip to Smyths was on the cards before we done the weekly shop this weekend. I should start to bring a book with me though as Agent M could quite happily camp out in the Lego aisle for hours. I'll need to get saving my pennies to get him a nice kit though.
  • I've been getting more into colouring for stress and now that Christmas is coming I'm going to start stamping to make Christmas cards. I decided to make an at a glance chart of which pro-markers i have so that i can save time. I didn't realise i had so many - and yet i could always use more lol.