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My Sunday Photo - 25.6.17

Its Sunday ... and we're all tired. Between the heat and Agent M being a little under the weather the last couple of days, its been a nice change of pace just to sit and chill today.

While Agent D plays his PS4 and Agent M reads his new book ... I've decided to get a jump start on some planner band sewing.

I have so many different styles available in the store. At the same time i cant wait till they are all gone so i can use the profit to buy more to make. Its a cycle really :)

I've had to start making notes and carrying about a book with me to doodle in while I'm out and about too cause I've got so many ideas. I just hope i can turn them into something worthwhile and make some pennies for the house.

Hows your Sunday fairing? Busy with family or having a lazy one?