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My Sunday Photo - 6/8/17

I've been experiencing some parent guilt this weekend. Or Probably more specifically mammy guilt.

Shabba enjoying my freshly made bed
This weekend i have been alone as Agent M is away with his Papa and Agent D is away with the boys from work.

I have had mixed feelings about it though.

One one hand i have missed them like crazy and i cant wait for them to come back but on the other i have kind of enjoyed how lovely and clean the house has been. I have enjoyed binge watching the X-Files on Amazon Prime and i have definitely enjoyed getting to wake up on my own without alarms, the boys or anything.

But for some reason that enjoyment makes me feel kinda guilty. I feel like i should be sitting by the door like a little lost puppy waiting for my owners to come home. That's what a 'good' mum would do right?

Hell No! A good mum knows when to take the opportunity for down time. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with needing some alone time as a parent.

I may have done nothing really with my weekend but i feel refreshed for having it. I got a lot of work done for my store and i enjoyed my own company which is no small feat when you have my brain. No I'm not going to let myself spoil this weekend.

I've enjoyed the peace but I'm excited to have my boys back.