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Halloween Bark

Have you seen those gorgeous slabs of chocolate with the weird and wonderful flavours like chili or beetroot. They always look amazing but a little to adventurous for my taste buds.

So while Agent M and I were experimenting in the kitchen I decided to try making our own but with a Halloween twist.

Let me introduce you to Halloween Bark.

While white chocolate and pomegranate seeds are a match made in heaven for adults, kids tend to go a little more old school with their chocolate so imagine how thrilled the kiddies will be when you add sweeties to the chocolate.

Minds will be blown!

We decided that our Halloween bark HAD to have candy corn. It's a staple candy for the holiday and in my house we order bags of the stuff in time for trick or treater's. Along with coloured candy melts, some edible Halloween toppings and some kit kats, we were good to go.

You really can use any sweetie of your choice but I generally would limit it to no more that 3. Too much and it starts to look a bit like a swamp.

You'll Need

Large share bar of Dairy Milk
Orange Candy melts
Handful of M&M's - I used a mix of the chocolate and the crispy ones
Handful of Candy Corn
Handful of bite sized Kit Kats
Candy eyes (Available from most Supermarkets)

To Make

Melt the Dairy Milk in a bowl, over a pot of boiling water. Be careful not to burn your self!

Once melted, pour over a sheet of grease proof paper.

In another bowl, melt some candy melts over the boiling water. You wont need the full bag, just a good handful.

Once melted pour on top of the Dairy Milk and using the handle of a spoon, swirl the two together. Don't mix too much though as the orange wont stand out as well (we made that mistake but Agent M liked it that way - so he says).

Next you want to add the candy to the top. Sprinkle, scatter, whichever way you prefer - only thing i would suggest is remember to push the candy into the melted chocolate so it sticks.

Place in the fridge for 30 minutes till it sets then break up and bag for the trick or treater's.

**Like i said you can really use any kind of candy you want, Above is what we used but it will work with pretty much any sweeties.