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A glimpse at my Christmas tree

Lots of my pictures on Instagram recently have had my Christmas tree in the background, and it made me think ... maybe I should share with you all some of my decorations cause my tree is AWESOME!!

As you probably noticed I have said "a glimpse" ... cause to show you my tree in all its spectacular glory we would be here for a good wee while. I reckon honestly there must be about 80 decorations on that tree not including tinsel and lights.

So instead I'm sharing a glimpse of some of the baubles and trinkets that you might not have seen in my IG feed.

These are the seriously cute Nightmare before Christmas figures I bought while in Disneyland Paris. They cost me €20 which along with a €13 green Mickey is the most I have even spent on decorations (per ornament), but I absolutely love them and they will be a visual reminder of Paris for years to come. 

*I have found them in the UK Disney store too if you want to get your own set. I don't know how much they are but they are gorgeous and will last a long time provided you don't drop them. 

These are my first ever decorations I bought that were for me. Let me explain. When my mum moved out we kinda inherited the Christmas decorations. And Mum being quite the Mrs Clause had boxes of them ... literally boxes! So for years when I put up the tree I just coined to use them. The pinks and golds worked well together and although they were bough years before, they were still in a usable condition. Then Christmas became a trigger for me and I stopped putting up my tree. Yeah I still "celebrated" but everything about the tree and the decorating became tainted.

I got together with Agent D in the October of 2013 and one day in November, while in Glasgow we had a long conversation about my hatred of the tree. He convinced me that perhaps if I changed everything about it ... a clean slate as it where ... that I could start to build new memories. That was the day that I walked into the Disney Store and bought a box of Nightmare before Christmas baubles and a box of Villains baubles ... and they have been on my tree ever since.

There is just something about them that make me feel quite proud. They cost a bomb at the time but I worked hard and was able to buy them. It wasn't something handed down. It was my crazy work hours, my sacrificing time with my son to earn, my sleepless nights trying to get everything done and I alone did it.

They are kinda symbolic really.

These are some of my newest decorations. I bought them in Primark (3 different sets each £4) and they are beautiful. I love how Primark are doing so many different decorations this year but these are the ones that fit in best with my tree.

As you probably noticed my tree has a definite theme ... Disney. For a while I was working towards a Halloween themed tree and I suppose to an extent it's kind of running parallel to a Halloween theme - villains and NBC decorations but I have kept some of my more sentimental decorations so it's more Disney than anything else.

Speaking of sentimental, these decorations are quite possibly my favourites and they are without a doubt the oldest ones I have.

A little back story for you all. When I was younger I was a very lucky wee girl. I went on so many different holidays with my family and including Walt Disney world in Florida a couple of times. While there my parents bought decorations for the tree and every year my sister and I would get into a "debate" over who got to put which one on and where.

When my parents split up, the some of the ornaments ended up with my mum which subsequently became mine and Agent M's. These tdecorations mean the world to me cause they remind me of when I was younger, when my family was still together and when life was all ice-cream and rainbows.

And so that's a glimpse at my tree ... in all its Disney glory :)