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A well needed Tuesday time out

Why must Christmas be so busy?

I've been swamped the last couple of days so not had any time to get my craft on and i totally forgot about Blogmas - Mia Culpa! I quite smugly completed the lions share of my Christmas shopping by November so today as i had to make the trip into town anyway, i thought i would get the last few bits and pieces.

Oft! I wish i had Hockey gear with me cause those people were mad! Shopping stresses me at the best of times but during Christmas season i feel like there should be referees on stilts ready to call time on the sneaky elbows and cheeky shoves out the way. People have zero patience and even less manners.

I ended up giving up half way though, figuring Amazon was probably designed for this very thing!

I did get to have a nice wee Coffee/Hot Chocolate with Agent M though which made it all worth while. I do love the time we have together and by the time we emerged from Costa the crowds had dissipated due to the rain so we didn't have to deal with everyone #Winning!