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15 Random Facts About Me

"15 Random Facts About Me"

I am textbook INFJ personality type. 

I have been trained using Japanese steel – I’m a hairdresser. I am also a qualified nail technician.

I detest clothes shopping. That girl gene is defunct in me. I would much rather shop for craft supplies.

I have my own business – An Etsy shop called Crafty Mama Makes. I am also working towards another busniess veture around my Poison Apple creations.

I actually run 2 blogs – this one which is family friendly and another one which is very much NSFW.

I grew up with a pet dog – a Staffordshire bull terrier who was my best friend. I have always loved dogs. After she died I decided I would never have another dog as her passing affected me so much. I eventually caved and took in Shabba when my ex FIL couldn't care for him anymore. He went with my ex when we split but I still miss him to this day. I wont get another dog any time soon.

I cant stand cats – They make me itchy and I don’t trust them. I hate snakes too - I have goosebumps just thinking about them.

I am a total Geek and proud of it

I was born in October which I think is why Autumn is my favourite season and Halloween is my favourite holiday.

I love bees and I have a solitary bee that lives under the back steps of my house. I call him Harry.

I am a technophobe. I have been known to break many technological items just by touching them and the idea of AI makes me want to cry. If the world becomes fully dependent on robots in the future, I will seriously struggle. I am Will Smith in I.Robot. I don't trust them at all.

I Love Disney and have an affiliation for the Villains. I have always liked the spooky Disney and think the most romantic place on the planet is the Haunted Mansion.

I have a growing Funko Pop Collection. I am toying with the idea of buying myself the Horror countdown calendar for my birthday to add to my collection. I focus mainly on Disney pops but have some that I just love, Deadpool as a mermaid for example.

I have monkey feet – My toes can fan out and I can write with my feet

I have 4 tattoos … so far