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Deal Breaker

"Your opinion on cheating on people"

Oft, these questions come out the gate swinging don’t they.

I have quite a firm stance on cheating. If you cheat on me then we are done. I know that as a person I couldn’t make it work forgiving someone for cheating on me then continuing the relationship. I know it would constantly be playing in the back of my mind if they can do it once they can do it again and I am not as forgiving as I perhaps should be. That said I think if you are able to cheat on someone you supposedly love then you can’t think much about them or their feelings as you are purposefully choosing to do something that would put your relationship in danger. To me, trust and respect are the foundations and cheating is the equivalent of taking a sledgehammer to us as a couple.

I do know of some couples who were able to put cheating behind them and have continued their relationships for years. I admire them as they were able to see past it and move on to build beautiful lives together, but for me personally it is a deal breaker. Once that door is opened there is no going back for me.