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People can be irritating

"5 things that irritate you about the opposite/same sex"

Hmm this feels like a question aimed at dating but I did start the challenge to let you all get to know me so here goes. 

  • I hate when people use violence to assert dominance. This is both sexes in general but as a woman I have experienced it more as men being violent towards me. It actually drives me insane and is a bit of a trigger as I have been in violent relationships before. I will deliberately avoid any type of confrontation with men now as I have learned that I will usually end up getting hurt and that’s not fair.
  • I hate when people lie. Just be honest and tell the truth. I don’t mean be cruel with it. If the truth is unnecessary then fine, you don’t need to be mean but don’t blatantly lie to my face because I will find out and the trust will be gone.
  • Being two faced. This has ended friendships for me. I can’t stand there and listen to you say how much you hate so and so but when they come round you are all sweet and engaging. Only for you to rip into them again when they leave. It makes me wonder what your like when I’m not there and what you would say about me. Can’t be dealing with that.
  • Women who use their kids as pawns to get back at their exes. They are humans, not props. And just because you couldn’t make it work as a couple doesn’t mean they don’t get to be a parent to their kids. Don’t be that woman!
  • Woman who tear each other down as if it makes them better. I am me and my being doesn’t distract from your being so rather than try to tear me apart why not help lift me up? Women can be the nastiest when in reality they should see how we can all be allies and in lifting each other up we can benefit each other. Live and let live but don’t be horrible for no reason.