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Getting into the groove

It’s been so long since I’ve been consistently blogging. I initially took a break as my mental health was worsening and things at home had started to become really toxic. Not wanting to delve to much into that as I have firmly closed that chapter, but I will say it was a bad time for M and I.

Things had started to look up last summer then my gran got sick and subsequently passed away, so I was really struggling to see the nice parts of life. I started this blog as an almost digital journal of family life with some recipes and craft makes thrown in but none of what was going on at the time is something I want to look back on.

Cut to 2020 and although the world is crumbling around us, I am in a better place. I have a partner “B” who is just awesome. He understands my mental health and can help me find coping techniques rather than make me push it down and hide it. M is now 13 and is flourishing now that we have left our old life. He’s confident again and he’s turning into a wonderful young man – Its weird calling him “teeny” these days though as he’s almost matching my 5ft9 but wither he likes it or not, he’ll always be my wee teeny tot. 

So, since I’m finding my feel again, I want to jump off in August with a blogging challenge. This way I can get back into the groove as it where and for many new readers it will be a way for you to learn about the mama behind the keyboard. I have picked a prompt list that I found on Pinterest – This one has random questions which I love and will be different from the standard get to know me stuff.

Let’s do this …. 

“Weird things you do when you’re alone”

Hmmm. This one is a bit hard as I don’t necessarily think it’s weird, but I guess it might be.

If I’m alone I’m usually in some form of comfy clothing i.e. a nighty or vest and pants, though 8 outta 10 times I am nude. Why? Cause I like it. I feel cooler and I can just chill. I will say I am only nude in the privacy of my room but that’s where I like to chill best. On the sofa its nighty or jammies, Always! As soon as I get home and I know I’m not going out again its bra off and comfiest clothes on.

I quite often sing to myself. Not sure why but I do. If I’m crafting or cooking, I will usually start singing to myself. If I’m alone, I have full on karaoke going – No one here to judge and I do a mean Lewis Capaldi.

Other than that, I can’t think of things I do specifically when I’m alone. I will read, craft or watch something but then I do that when M is kicking about too so it’s not really exclusively alone.