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Nighty Night

"What do you wear to bed?"

Its dependent on the weather but the majority of the time I sleep in the nude. I move about a lot in my sleep so having things on, especially around my neck area usually wakes me up as I start to strangle myself in my sleep. 

In the winter however I am often wearing a nighty/jammies and socks which is one of the few times I will ever wear socks. I hate having socks on as it feels like little straight jackets for my feet so the only time I wear them is in the winter (as it gets really cold here) and when I’m not well – That’s usually how M works out if I’m feeling sick as I have socks on.

My bed is my safe space. I have blankets galore and the softest pillows and quilts. It’s like sleeping on a cloud and once I save up for a new mattress it will be perfect. So, I like to get the full impact. I’m quite a sensory person so having the soft fleece against my skin as I sleep is so comforting to me.