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Phobias suck

"What is your biggest phobia?"

For years I had a real phobia about clowns. They would feature in my nightmares regularly and if I seen one in real life the anxiety would make me wanna cry and vomit in equal measure. A few years ago, I decided to “fix” myself by repeated exposure to clowns. It took me almost a year to get over my phobia, but I can now look at, and even draw clowns.

I still have a phobia of open bodies of water – I can’t even watch them in films without feeling really anxious. You can’t see what’s in there or worse, beneath you and that’s just too much for me. Sharks feature a lot in nightmares which I think is a huge part of my phobia. Even being in a swimming pool at the deep end makes me uncomfortable.

Snakes too. There is something about them. Ugh I’m getting goose bumps even typing this. They are so creepy, where they look like they would be slimy, but I’m told they are dry. They move like they have no bones, but they do have a skeleton. Everything about them just makes me feel weird.