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Bubble Art Thank You Cards

As you know it was Agent M's Birthday last week and he was a very lucky boy getting such nice prezzies and alot of pennies from our family.

I think its really important that kids say thank you for the things they receive and what nicer way than with a homemade thank you card.

I know you can buy thank you notes and the like in shops but making them ourselves just has a more personal touch and its alot more colourful than just a wee bit of paper.

Since there was a few cards to make, we thought making bubble art ones would be out best bet. *Plus i think Agent M really wanted to blow some bubbles*

They are really easy to make and even little tots can have fun with them *just make sure they are blowing the mixture, not sucking it up the straws*

You'll need ...
Food colouring or paint
Washing up liquid
Disposable cups
Cardboard (or blank cards)

I also cannot recommend highly enough having a PVC sheet down. It can get messy!

The more colours you have, the more jazzy the cards will look, though you can go for a theme if your making the cards for a special occasion i.e pink and red for valentines

We used watercolour paint in ours and since its coming up to spring, Agent M wanted "light" colours.

I put a dollop of each paint colour into individual cups and mixed in some water to thin out the paint. *You could use poster paint too but we didn't have any. You'll note that the blue is oil paint. It worked well on the cards but it took ages to come off my hands ... I wouldn't recommend oil paint!!!*

Next add a splodge of washing up liquid to each cup and let the bubble blowing begin :)

Agent M loves this bit cause he goes crazy when it comes to blowing the bubbles ... this is where that sheet comes in handy as the bubbles might overflow slightly.

Once the bubbles reach the top of the cup its time to get printing.

Remove the straw and place the card over the bubble mix then lift off. Doing this over the different cups will give each card a different look.

Repeat till you have all the cards you need ... then set to the side to let them dry.

Its a really simple way to make unique cards and alot more fun than buying them :)

*You can just use regular paper if you just wanna make a nice picture with your little ones ... or even make unique wrapping paper* 

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