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Mental Health

I am an advocate for mental health, being that I struggle with severe mental health issues myself.

I was officially diagnosed in my teens and have spent most of my life trying to find ways to cope. While its not always a hinderance, there are many periods of time when it becomes hard to manage. I know all to well the struggle and as such I am doing my part to end the stigma on invisible illness.

You can find all the posts relating to my mental health by clicking the button below.

Often you will see me discussing my health and my disability. I do this as it is a part of me, and this blog is about my life. I spent years hiding it away like some dirty secret, but I have since decided that to really come to terms with it, I must be open about it. I have a chronic illness and I am surviving.

For more information on mental illness as well as support please check out the NHS page