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How to catch a Wild Haggis

Gather round boys and girls while Mama tells you a little story about the famous creature known as the Wild Haggis.

Way up in the highlands of Scotland there lives an elusive beast known as the Wild Haggis. The reason its so elusive is because its legs on the right are a different size the one set on the left, which means it can run along the mountain and hill sides really easy. So easy that its really hard to catch the little buggers.

There are two different species of Haggis. One that has longer right legs and the other than has longer left legs. Why the difference? Well you see, Wild Haggis can only run in one direction. The longer left legged Haggis can only run in a clockwise direction while the longer right legged breed can only run anti-clockwise. 

Now, there are ways to catch Wild Haggis, but it isn't easy. Many have tried!

To get one, you need to dig yourself a big hole. So big you can hide in it!

Then you need to wait patiently. You'll probably want to bring a wee crossword with you or a can or Iron Bru to keep the strength up cause they will be expecting you. It is Burns Night after all!

Once you hear it approach (some people have claimed it sounds like a squirrel while others say you can hear a distinct bag pipe music), you'll need to pop out of the hole and yell "BOOOOO!" REALLY LOUDLY!

Because you will have scared the shortbread out of it, the Haggis will try to flee in the opposite direction. This will result in it stumbling and rolling down the hill in a rather comic fashion. Try not to buckle and wet yourself with laughter at this point cause you still need to catch it. If it gets a chance to gather itself, it'll bolt and you'll lose your dinner. *This is where the Iron Bru will have been worth it for the energy boost*

Once you catch it, you'll need to whack it really hard with a stick, stick it in your bag and head home.

There are lots of different ways you can serve up Haggis but the traditional way is boiled and served with tatties and neeps.

Like so ...

Its absolutely delicious and a perfect way to celebrate Burns Night :)

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