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Silent Sunday - 25/10/15

Crepe Paper Pumpkins

Have you ever just seen something online that you just have to make?

That happens to me alot lol ... especially when it comes to Halloween! One thing i definitely wanted to make this year was Crepe Paper Pumpkins as they were just so cute!
They are perfect for giving out to trick or treater's (if you get any) and you can fill them with a variety of sweets like candy corn, monkey nuts or mini chocolate bars. Pretty much anything can be put in them so long as its big enough and has enough layers ...

Remember the more sweets you add ... the more layers you need to keep it strong.

To make them you'll need ...
  • Sheets of orange Crepe paper
  • Green PVC or Duct tape
  • A pen and scissors
  • A selection of sweets
  • A plate or circular dish (the size is up to you)

  • Place the sheets of paper in a pile. They can be folded over just as long as the plate fits the width/length left. 
  • Place the plate on the pile and trace around it using the pen.
  • Holding the sheets together, cut around the outline as carefully as you can.
  • Place a selection of sweets in the centre of the paper 
  • Pull the edge up to gather in the middle and give it as slight twist.
  • Using the tape, wind around where the paper has gathered to make the stalk of the pumpkin.
  • Repeat for the number of pumpkins you need

Do you get people trick or treating where you live? What do you give out?

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Is it OK to be a single child family?

I've been thinking more and more on this the last few months and i just cant seem to shake this question. Is it OK to be a single child family?

I always knew from a young age that i wanted to be a mummy and that my ideal situation would be to have 2 children. 

Why two kids?

Well, firstly i came from a 2 child family and i felt having a little sister helped keep me grounded as a child (as much as she drove me insane!). I always had a playmate and i have someone there which leads me onto the second reason. I don't what my child to feel alone. I know that sounds daft but i think about how when my parents pass away i (hopefully) will still have my sister there and she will have me. We wont have to deal with the heartache and grief alone and we will always have a family.

When i had Agent M, the pregnancy was horrific and the labour was like starting in my own horror movie. When i was diagnosed with Depression a few months after he was born by GP couldn't work out if it was PND or PTSD it was that bad and to be honest till Agent M was about 6 years old, i was hell bent i wasn't going to go through that again.

What if this time i didn't make it out the other end? What if i got depression worse the second time round?

It just wasn't worth the risk.

But now I'm starting to think that is a really selfish way to think. Now I'm wondering if i have put Agent M at a disadvantage because he is an only child?

I raised him as a single parent pretty much from the beginning. I have been mum, dad, cook, cleaner, banker, entertainer, monster hunter and general performing monkey from day dot and i have done it the best i can.

I feel that i have raised a well adjusted child (which is no small feat when you know our history) and I'm beyond proud of my little man and i have people tell me hes "a credit to me" but i cant help but feel like he's a little lonely.

Maybe its just me but when i see him play with other children, he seems to flourish more and when its time to go he seems so bumbed out. He will ask me all the time to play with him which only backs up my fear and when we are with friends who have younger siblings he tells me about the games they play and the things they do, almost with an air of jealously.

But then having a kid just so he has a playmate isn't a good reason to have a baby.

I do wonder what it would be like to have a baby with a support system in place. I wonder if  I got the chance would i be able to enjoy those first years. I never really relaxed when Agent M was little. Right up until he was 2 i can remember being constantly on edge, freaking out over the littlest thing. And being in a toxic relationship put even more pressure on me. This time I'd hope my partner would be exactly that ... A PARTNER! I have so much guilt over Agent M's infant years and i think i will forever wish i could have enjoyed it more and bonded with him quicker.

Having a baby isn't really an option anyway as Agent D is dead set against it. I know i want to be with him so i do have so silence that little voice inside that occasionally thinks it would be nice to have another child but then have i set Agent M up for a lonely life?

Big picture ... What happens when I'm no longer here? He'll be left on his own with no brother or sister to share the rest of his life with. He wont have nieces or nephews of his own (unless he has a partner with siblings). What happens when he needs someone and I'm not there. I know i will have my sister, but who will he have?

I don't know what its like to be an only child. I cant say how it changes you growing up but i know that having my sister there made me a better person. I learnt how to deal with different situations and how to interact with others from a young age. For years i had a partner in crime and even now as an adult she is the first person i would go to if i needed a shoulder to cry on or i needed to vent. We have had our differences in the past but i know that having her has made a big positive difference in my life. I'm her biggest cheerleader and i know she'll always be there to root for me too. She's my best friend as well as my sister.

Friends I've had in the past that were only children seem to have had real problems when it came to group actives. It was from one extreme that their opinion was the only one that mattered and everyone should follow it right along to one friend who just didn't know how to voice her opinion in a group. Of the two of them there was no in between and i did always wonder if that was cause they never learnt to compromise or to stand up for themselves. When there are siblings at home you do have to fight for attention at times and you definitely learn how to compromise.

I'm just terrified i put him at a disadvantage. Have i made things harder for him when he goes out in the big work world? Will be know how to fight for himself or will be he a wall flower?

I guess time will tell how much damage having depression will really have caused. It is possible he will cope well ... It is possible i have just made his life harder.

Fingers crossed its not the latter!

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Silent Sunday - 18/10/15

Homemade Granola Bars

Halloween is fast approaching and lets be honest, America know how to do the holiday right! From decorations to treats, Across the water is the place to be when it comes to getting your ghoul on for Halloween.

Now that I'm trying to lose weight however, I'm wanting my treats to come without any tricks to my waist so the chocolates and the candy are very restricted. I've been looking at some ideas for healthier alternatives and i think i may have found a winner for my Agents and i ...

They are really easy to make and the base works well with a whole host of toppings so you can change it up or exclude things like the nuts if there is an allergy issue.

You'll Need
25g Rice Krispies
87g Oats
4tbs honey
56g butter
56g brown sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
*Topping of your choice - We used Chocolate Peanuts and white chocolate chips*

To Make
Mix the Krispies and oats together in a big bowl. If your using nuts, at this point you can crush them up. We used Chocolate coated peanuts and Agent M crushed them into smaller bits.

Place sugar, honey and butter in a pot and heat on medium/high till the ingredients melt and start to bubble. Mix in the vanilla.

Pour the liquid into the bowl and mix well with the oat/krispies then add the crushed chocolate nuts and combine.

Spread into a pan and make sure the mix is thick and tightly packed.

Sprinkle over the chocolate chips and allow to set for 2 hours (minimum)

Cut and enjoy :)

There are lots of topping you could try or even a combination like Cranberry and White Chocolate, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate, Orange zest and Chocolate, Raisin and pecans.

There are loads of possibility which will give you a sweetie fix without the guilt feelings :)

Which would your favourite combination be?

For more healthy alternatives, why not check out Nuts.com who have lots of Healthy Snack Ideas for you to try, Including ones that are great for the kids :)

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Silent Sunday - 11/10/15

10 Things i love about October

Its October folks and I'm in my element! I love October ... Its quite possibly the best month of the year and for some reason I'm just in love with it ... Well 10 reasons really :)

Its my birthday month
I'm not one of those women who have a nervous breakdown every time my birthday rolls round because I'm getting older. Its never really bothered me and the fact that I'm turning 28 this year is, to me anyway, an accomplishment that i made it this long. There are girls i went to school with and girls at college that are freaking out that they are so close to 30 but I'm over here like "BRING IT ON!".

Birthdays have always had a bit of a dark cloud though. For the last near decade something bad has always seemed to happen on my birthday with the exception of 2013 when i received a message from my gorgeous bearded wonder saying "Hey" ... 3 days later we had our first date :)

The leaves start to get crunchy
With the Autumn coming in, the leaves are starting to change colours and fall. I honestly get this lovely warm feeling inside when i walk through the leaves and feel them crunch under my feet. Its just so amazing and feels comforting to me.

I love the colours as well ...Oranges, browns, golden tones, reds and purples. Its just so beautiful!

The drinks get better
I've never been one for the whole Pumpkin Spice thing. I don't like the taste and to me, your just ruining a perfectly good latte HOWEVER ... October brings with it the Orange Hot Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Mocha. They quite possibly the best drinks EVER for the colder weather!

The Christmas drinks tend to start around now and the Mint Chocolate Mocha and Hot chocolate are just yum!

Its snuggle weather
October is the start of the cold weather ... And in Scotland, It really gets cold! What a perfect excuse to pull the throws and blankets out the cupboard and snuggle up in bed with your man. We have the added comfort of an electric blanket ... no more cold tootsies at night :)

Jumpers and boots are acceptable clothing
I'm a curvy girl. There is no getting round that and to be honest the summer clothes make me feel really uncomfortable. Shorts and vest tops are not my friends ... Now its my turn to feel comfy! I love wearing my jeans and long tops, my cardi and my boots. Its so comfortable and i feel like i can look pretty. Plus aswell, i like scarf weather ... I enjoy being bundled up :)

The nights are longer
It gets darker quick ... and on the last Sunday the clocks go back so we get an extra hour in bed ... Woohoo! With the longer nights its nice to just curl up on the sofa with the boys and watch movies ... Nightmare before Christmas anyone?

The food gets more comforting
Over the summer i had salad with pretty much everything. It was refreshing and i do love a wee salad but its now time to put the salad bowl away and get out the slow cooker. Autumn/Winter is more of a stew or roast kinda season.

American TV starts
This year American Horror Story: Hotel is starting on October 7th as is Supernatural Season 11 ... 2 of my all time favourite TV shows! American TV seem to reserve the best shows for their "fall line-up" ... Big Bang Theory also started again in the fall but it was the end of September so it technically cant count for October.

The Christmas gifts start
Although October is still a wee while away from Christmas, All the Christmas gifts start to hit the shelves in October which means with my birthday pennies, i get more bang for my buck :) ... Salon services has alot of 3 for 2 gifts as well which means i can stock up my kit for clients with more products for less money. I love getting a good deal :)

Halloween Baby!!!
What can i say ... Even if all my other reasons didn't exist, Halloween would still make October worth it all! This year Halloween falls on a Saturday so i can get to celebrate with the Agents and make some yummy treats ... I promise to blog you all some recipes and pics!

What is your favourite part of October?

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5 Things I would tell my younger self

I'm turning 28 next week and its been making me think about everything I've been through to get here. I've had alot of ups and down over my lifetime and with any luck I'll still have another 7 decades to make more ups and downs :)

I have to admit, some decisions that i made have had a deeper negative impact on my life and however much i wouldn't change them (cause then i wouldn't be where i am today) ... i wonder, if i could talk to my younger self, What advice would i give? What heads up would i appreciate knowing what i know now.

The people at school that you lived and breathed for, will be nothing more than a Facebook acquaintance - Remember all those times you pushed your own wishes and feelings to the side to accommodate your "Friends"? Well i hate to be blunt but you wasted years on what turned out to be nasty bitches who more than happily back stabbed you over a boy. And that boy? You know the one that you thought was the best thing since sliced bread? Well he turned out to be a cheating d*ck now didn't he. Life at school is one single part of a giant painting ... You wasted too many tears on blips in the radar.

Your gut instinct will never steer you wrong - You know that saying if it seems to good to be true then it probably is? You ignored that little voice in your head that told you something wasn't right way to often. You were lucky that nothing horrendous happened but there were a few close calls now weren't there? Silly girl! Never disregard your own safety just to follow the crowd.

Believe in yourself! - For too long you seemed to place your self worth in what other people said or thought of you. Why? The people who matter the most in life should never judge you and the people who do judge you should matter the least. You're so much stronger than you realise girl! Hold your head high and be proud that you will make it. You're a survivor! *Insert Beyonce song here* :)

Never stay together for the kids - I'm not going to tell you that you wasted 8 years of your life cause you got a beautiful little boy out of it all, but the first time you broke up with him, was the time it should have stayed finished. You and Agent M would have been fine on your own from the get go and you wouldn't have had to deal with such a toxic relationship. You were basically playing mum and dad anyway. Imagine if Agent M hadn't seen such misery at such a young age? ... Imagine if you didn't have to be broken down in order to build yourself back up piece by piece? When you hit your limit you done a great job picking up the pieces and taking care of Agent M. So i know now you could do it! Having a child is no reason to stay in such a horrific relationship. 

Long life isn't a guarantee for anyone - When you are younger, you just expect that you will grow up, grow old and pass away. Its the way everyone assumes that it will go but growing old is a luxury that not everyone get to indulge in. Life can end so bloody quick and when it does you want to be happy in the knowledge that you've done everything you wanted to. Don't let anyone be the rain on your parade ... Its your life to live ... do what makes you happy!

Silent Sunday - 4/10/15