Crepe Paper Pumpkins

Have you ever just seen something online that you just have to make?

That happens to me alot lol ... especially when it comes to Halloween! One thing i definitely wanted to make this year was Crepe Paper Pumpkins as they were just so cute!
They are perfect for giving out to trick or treater's (if you get any) and you can fill them with a variety of sweets like candy corn, monkey nuts or mini chocolate bars. Pretty much anything can be put in them so long as its big enough and has enough layers ...

Remember the more sweets you add ... the more layers you need to keep it strong.

To make them you'll need ...
  • Sheets of orange Crepe paper
  • Green PVC or Duct tape
  • A pen and scissors
  • A selection of sweets
  • A plate or circular dish (the size is up to you)

  • Place the sheets of paper in a pile. They can be folded over just as long as the plate fits the width/length left. 
  • Place the plate on the pile and trace around it using the pen.
  • Holding the sheets together, cut around the outline as carefully as you can.
  • Place a selection of sweets in the centre of the paper 
  • Pull the edge up to gather in the middle and give it as slight twist.
  • Using the tape, wind around where the paper has gathered to make the stalk of the pumpkin.
  • Repeat for the number of pumpkins you need

Do you get people trick or treating where you live? What do you give out?

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  1. Oh these look awesome! Must try these out!

  2. these look fab, as i am now reading this after Halloween this is a page I must save for next year. they make fab decorations and also fab sweet holders to hand out to the kids. I love them and so easy to make. x Thank you for linking up wth #anythinggoes Blogging Mummy

  3. These look amazing! Love the look of them. Thanks for linking up with #justanotherlinky xx

  4. These look great! Could be a good idea to do a santas hat?! thank you for linking up with #justanotherlinky

  5. This is sooo cute. I must try and do this, my toddler will love it. #brillblogposts


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