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Look back on 2015

I don't know if its just me but this year has really flown in. I always feel like it goes fast but its like I've blinked and we've gone from the summer to Christmas.

2015 was kind of up and down for us at the crafty household.

Both Agent D and i passed our college courses and we gained a family member in the form of wee Shabba but we have had to say goodbye to a few family members too which has been heartbreaking as almost all of them were from battling Cancer.

We celebrated birthdays and got to go on holiday down to England to see family which was brilliant. Its hard to say goodbye to my mum after the summer but i was luck enough to get to see her again this Christmas :)

I passed my Level 5 Hairdressing course and am half way through Level 6. On top of that i have been doing nail courses at night and have signed up to anther that starts in January which I'm looking forward to. Its been a very educational year for me :)

Anyway, A picture paints a thousand words so here are some of my fave snaps from 2015 ... Here's hopping that 2016 is just as good (if not better).

Silent Sunday - 27/12/15

100 Things that make me happy

One of the things on my 101 Things in 1001 days list is to make a list of 100 things that make me happy.

The obvious answer to what makes me happy are my 3 boys. I love the bones of them but it made me think about what else i love.

I have been working on this list for a little while and its more impressive that i managed to complete it considering that I'm feeling so crappy these days.
  1. Hearing Agent M tell me he loved me.
  2. My morning message from Agent D every weekday "Morning Boo, I love you"
  3. Kisses from Agent M
  4. Kisses from Agent D
  5. Seeing Shabba get excited when i walk in the front door
  6. Getting a phhone call from my mum
  7. When my sister sends me a funny pinterest
  8. Pinterest in general
  9. You tube videos where babies laugh
  10. Seeing kids playing together in the park
  11. The noise the gold foil on a nutella jar makes when you hit it with a spoon
  12. Getting a cuppa tea brought to you in bed
  13. Long lies
  14. Getting into a warm bed when the room is cold
  15. Getting into a cold bed when the room is hot
  16. The cold side of the pillow
  17. Costa lemon cake
  18. Caramel lattes
  19. white mocha from coffee trader
  20. Chinese food
  21. Disney movies
  22. Lying on the sofa with a DVD
  23. Reading
  24. Making something 
  25. Baking
  26. Horror movies
  27. Date night with Agent D
  28. Agent M climbing into my bed in the morning for cuddles
  29. Getting to see my mum and step dad
  30. Going to Glasgow
  31. Watching old couples still in love
  32. Having the fire on when its freezing outside
  33. Watching supernatural
  34. When a new episode of American Horror Story is on
  35. Watching Mock the Week
  36. Watching a film you've not seen in years and still finding it entertaining
  37. Watching Big Bang Theory
  38. Getting fresh flowers
  39. The 10 minutes that my living room stays perfect before its messed up
  40. Walking through the leaves in the autumn
  41. The sound of my feet crunching in the snow
  42. Watching the snow fall
  43. Bubble baths
  44. Getting my dinner made for me
  45. When Agent D does the dishes without me asking/him moaning
  46. Halloween
  47. Teaching Shabba a new trick
  48. When he does the trick right
  49. The feeling of fresh bed sheets 
  50. The smell of coconut
  51. Getting a massage
  52. Yankee candles
  53. Seeing Agent M get excited about something
  54. Hearing Agent M laugh
  55. Hearing Agent D laugh
  56. Seeing the Agents bond over something
  57. Seeing the Agents hug and tell each other they love each other
  58. Hugging my little sister
  59. Hugging my mum
  60. Hugging my Step dad
  61. When my dad tells me hes proud of me
  62. When i think about my late Aunt Jessy's funny laugh
  63. The smell of banana bread 
  64. Seeing pictures of the younger members of my family growing up
  65. Watching funny animal videos on You tube
  66. Hearing animals "talk"
  67. Watching people mess up hysterically on you tube
  68. The Irish accent
  69. Tom Hardy
  70. Getting a cuppa tea without asking
  71. Listening to music from your childhood
  72. When my gran makes pancakes
  73. Hearing my papa swear (with his accent its so funny)
  74. Lighting a candle to scent a room
  75. Watching Shabba's tale wag as he looks out the window
  76. Hot undies straight off the radiator on a winter morning
  77. My Filofax
  78. Stationery
  79. Lush bath products
  80. Playing the Sims
  81. Shopping in boots 
  82. Seeing my Boots Advantage card points grow
  83. Hugo Orange perfume
  84. Hugo Red perfume
  85. Homemade rice pudding
  86. Fairy lights
  87. Taking pictures
  88. The smell of lemons
  89. Terry's chocolate orange
  90. Disney in general
  91. Listening to the rain when your inside all warm
  92. Thunder and lightening
  93. Music by Ed Sheeran
  94. Puffy duvets and pillows (its like sleeping in a cloud)
  95. Laughing so hard at something i give myself a sore throat
  96. Getting something at a reduced price
  97. Free samples
  98. Seeing my family
  99. Getting nice letters in the post
  100. Doing my nails

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Why i'm bowing out of Blogmas 2015

I don't know why I have even bothered doing Blogmas this year. I'm seriously struggling to get into the festive spirit.
I've been trying.

I have my tree up and I've been singing those bloody songs that will be struck in my head till July. I have been watching the Christmas movies and I've been planning out the Christmas dinner. I've spent a small fortune on prezzies (more than I really should have). Hell I've even bought the dog some Christmas outfits to try and make it all fun.

But it's just not coming to me.

Blogging every day isn't the problem, but finding the will to do all these Christmas themed posts when you're not feeling "Christmas-y" isn't easy. I'm just not in a festive place.

I've been signed off college till the new year and to be honest it's giving me mixed emotions. I'm going to be really far behind when we go back after the new year, if I can even catch up and at this moment in time, I don't know if it's even possible to go back.

This dark period of mine is lasting quite a while and although I am getting help from the GP and have been referred to a therapist, I just like I wanna cry all the time. Mixed with the strong meds the Dr has me on for the pain in arm (which make me so tired), I'm of little use to anyone ... let alone the holly jolly let's get festive shite that is apparently expected because I am a parent.

Yeah I can fake it.

And I do ...

For Agent M.

He's the only one that could be convinced I am excited about Christmas and to be honest he's the only one that I care believes.

"Awe you should be excited" ... why? Cause you are?
Trust me, I'd love to be able to get my jingle bells in a bunch and yeah I'm glad your shitting candy canes round your house but I just can't get there and that's OK.

I'll do everything that I can to make this Christmas great for my little Agent but over that, I'm just too tired and numb to make believe for everyone else.

My Week in Photos - 15/12/15

I am so bored!

I didn't realise just how dependent i have become on the use of my right shoulder. On the plus side i have complete feeling back on my arm and i can move it from the elbow down without pain but seriously ... This is beyond a joke!

I've had to stop taking on hair clients (which i really fricken needed this close to Christmas) but have had a few Nail clients and can do them without too much pain (cause i can rest my arm on the table) so here is hoping i get an influx of Nail clients soon.

I am gonna end up like a funky Popeye with one giant arm at this rate as I'm learning to do more with my Left arm ... Proud moment for me when i could colour my own hair one handed (Agent D assures me its even cause i canny see my right side properly just now lol). Still ... At least I'm trying!

Photos starting from top left -

  • I officially passed my nail course. It was a difficult 12 weeks trying to juggle everything but i did it and big picture, it was totally worth it!
  • I think Shabba knows that my depression is bad just now cause he wont leave me be, even when the boys are here he's always coming over to cuddle me. Such a wee babe.
  • I think I'm a glutton for punishment ... I've signed up for the Gel Enhancement course (provided i get enough clients in time to pay for it).
  • Mama too some time to herself after an emotional day and decided to have a coffee and a read.. Made me feel alot better
  • The frost has started to creep in ... I love the glittery look it makes
  • Wee Shabba in his Christmas Jumper quite happy to lie on my lap
  • Colouring hair one handed ... Level: Expert 

Silent Sunday - 13/12/15

Blogmas Day 10 - Christmas Tag 2015

Oh what a horrible day its been. The wind and the rain combined have given me a Rudolph-est nose but i did manage to get some Christmas shopping done as well as some supplies for the house.

It was great to come home to a toasty house though. My arm is still sore so I've been really restricted but I'm getting into the festive spirit still so here's my Blogmas Christmas tag for 2015 :)

So here's the questions ...

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
Every year, without fail, i watch Elf! I love Will Ferrell and his Buddy the Elf is just hilarious! The scene where he meets the store Santa and goes "You sit on a thrown of lies" has me buckled every time. I love it!

Its the same with the Grinch ... Its a Christmas classic in our house ... Jim Carrey is a genius! We've always been Dr Seuss fans here and this is also one of our favourite books. You canny beat a bit of Dr Seuss

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
This year because Agent M knows the truth about Santa I'm going to make him up a Christmas Eve box that he can open that night but the rest he will have to wait till Christmas day to open.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

Going to wake my mum and dad up in the morning and my dad would go down stairs to see if Santa had been. We had these bells that plaid music on the banister and if he'd had been, Dad would switch the bells on. The anticipation of waiting to hear that music was near fatal for excited kids but when we heard it? Oh god the joy!

4. Favourite festive food?
Hmm the sausages with bacon round them ... or Pigs in blankets as they are sometimes called. They only seem to sell them at Christmas time which is probably why you have to have them on the table or you've just ruined everyone's Christmas dinner lol

5. Favourite Christmas gift?
Hmm i cant really pin point one particular gift cause i love everything i get. I was a very lucky kid and I'm still a lucky lass when it comes to Christmas time. And I'm grateful for every bit of it :)

6. Favourite Christmas scent?
Chocolate Orange for some reason reminds me of Christmas. I'm not a fan of the mulled wine or cinnamon scents. It might be as coffee shops start selling Orange Hot Chocolate around this time, who knows.

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
We used to put out the Reindeer dust and set a plate for Santa but this year will be the first time we wont do it. Just the Christmas eve box idea this year i think.

8. What tops your tree?
We have a colour changing star which I'm loving. For some reason it reminds me of Frozen which fits with my Disney themed tree.

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?

I'm not really sure, you'd have to ask my mammy lol :)

10. What's the best part about Christmas for you?

Seeing Agent M's face as he sees his prezzies, Spending time with Agent D and seeing my family

I'll continue the Tag by leaving an Open invitation to all you lovely bloggers out there who want to join in :)

Leave your links below so i can come have a look

Winter Essentials for Hair

Doing these courses at college has taught me quite a bit ... and with my clients I've been giving them after care advice that is essential in the winter weather.

Then i had a thought, Why not share with everyone else too ... Everyone should be able to have gorgeous hair.

The colder weather can reek havoc on your hair, drying it out and making it brittle. This can lead to it becoming static when you brush it and it can snap and break very easily.

Not good!

But there is a solution ... Deep Conditioning treatments! There are products that you can buy to use at home or for a more intense treatments i would recommend you go to your hairdresser. It will give your hair that influx of moisture that it desperately needs and on the milder 'do it at home' ones, you use once a week.

If your hair is really dry usually, i would try to give the heated styling tools a miss, unless you really have to. Using tongs and straighteners repeatedly on your hair will damage it and can hinder growth. If you absolutely cant go without straightening or curling then please please please use heat protection spray before you go anywhere near the appliances.

The wind is a bit of a bitch too. Windswept is beautiful when its created by hand but lets be honest natural wind swept looks like birds have tried to nest on your head. A good way to stop that is to put your hair in a pleat or a bun. This will minimise damage to your hair.
If your hair is too short for a pleat or bun then a hat is your best friend here. You can always couple the pleat and the hat look. Since heat escapes from the top of your head, you'll be extra toasty and fashionable to boot.

Also it should go without saying DONT GO OUTSIDE WITH WET HAIR! (Just incase no one has told you this before!) 

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Blogmas Day 8 - Decorating the Tree

Today is the dreaded day ... Dreaded in that its time to decorate the tree. I enjoy it once its up but the putting up and dismantling of the tree is the thorn in my festive paw.

But i get grief if i don't put it up so after breakfast, Agent D went up to the spare room and brought all the boxes down.

Thankfully he was willing to do the heavy lifting and the high up stuff ... I have to admit i do love our new tree that we got last year. I know black isn't a "traditional" Christmas colour but with the silver glitter and the colourful babbles ... It works!

The baubles were the same as last years ... Disney Villain and Nightmare before Christmas ... If i have to put up a tree, I'm gonna put it up how i like :)

I also bought some new tinsel this year that matches the colours of the baubles perfectly to so even though its a black tree its still quite colourfully decorated.

I'm thinking though that perhaps in the new year i might try to get a few more of the baubles from the Disney shop if they are on sale as i love the Disney theme. Maybe some Olaf?

All in the finished tree looks brilliant and Agent M is really happy which makes all the glitter everywhere kinda worth it. Also this Shabba's first experience with trees and the whole "Christmas thing so it will be interesting to see how he deals with it all. The calender has been a ht so far :)

Now if only i can get the stockings and the tinsel on the fireplace to say up I'll be all set

My Week in Photos - 7/12/15

I honestly don't know why i bother planning out things cause its a sure fired way to make sure none of it gets done.

I've been house bound this past week with a buggered shoulder/neck and as much as i would love to think that would make me more productive around the house, the cocktail of diazepam and naproxen is ensuring i cant do much more than keeping falling asleep. That said, its great actually getting some sleep as mentally i am feeling much better. Haven't had a panic attack in over a week and believe me when i say ... that means more to me than i can express.

Blogmas is taken a bit of a beating too ... I had the posts planned out but days 4, 5, 6 and 7 all included crafts and baking which require 2 arms ... so its not been happening. I'll try as best as i can but i doubt I'll be doing them as well as i would have wanted.

I have been taking some snaps this week though
From the top Left ...
  • Agent M helping Mama with her hot water bottle and giving me plenty of kisses :)
  • Setting up the Advent Calenders while we wait for Agent M to wake up, Shabba is fair excited to get his first taste of Christmas.
  • Agent M opening his Lego Calender
  • My boys snuggling up on the sofa watching Big Bang Theory
  • Practising some Nail Art ... Trying to be festive
  • Shabba watching the men working on the road

Blogmas Day 3 - Wish Lists

Its been really strange not setting Agent M up at the table to write his letter to Santa ... I feel almost sad about it cause its just a sign that he's growing up really isn't it.

Anyway, rather than him write his list, i decided to get him to just tell me what he wanted and compile a list for myself to get him. It was so much fun that i decided to make my own wish list ... Here's hoping i get Christmas pennies to treat myself.

I spotted a theme with Agent M's list ... This boy really is minecraft daft lol

I will admit, this years list for myself is rather girly considering its for me ... not really sure why but hey ho lol

What are  you asking Santa for?

Blogmas Day 2 - Homemade Card Ideas

I had so many plans for Christmas this year but after damaging my arm and being put on really strong pain killers, I'm struggling to get dressed myself, let alone get crafty. So instead of making my own cards as i hoped to, I'm just gonna end up buying a couple of cards and get Agent M to write them (its my right arm I've hurt - and I'm right handed).

I thought though i would share the ideas I've collected though in case you wanted to make your own.

Some of them are tree themed

Some of them are as simple as sticking buttons onto card

And some of them are great for the kids to get involved with ... What Grandparent wouldn't love a handmade card from the kids

There are loads more ideas on Pinterest that could be completed in an afternoon. Will you be making your own cards this year or resorting to bought?