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Harry Potter Studio Tour

Agent M has been systematically working his way through the Harry Potter books for a little while now and so far has been enjoying them.

He's always been into reading and since discovering the boy who lived his imagination has taken on a life of its own, So you can imagine how excited he was the day we left for England when he discovered he was sent a special invite via "muggle post".

My little sister typed up the letter for him and there was a panic it wouldn't arrive *Muggle post lost the first copy the week before ... Not as reliable as owls* But thankfully it did and Agent M was ecstatic to go to the tour.

A long near 2 weeks passed for him and finally the time came for us to set off to London.

When we got there i couldn't believe how big it was. The tour is across 2 studio lots and has some outdoor sets too.

I wont show you every picture as i look about 500+ and i wouldn't wanna spoil it for you if your gonna go ... Which i recommend! But here's a few snaps :)
Chess pieces from the 1st movie

Inside we saw got to recap on the cast

We saw the costumes the actors wore in the movies

The Death Eater props and scenes were my fave

Agent M loved the Griffindor sets ... That's his fave house *or so we were told ...Repeatedly*

Many of the sets had moving props ... some of which we didn't expect to move ... As you can see from Agent M's reaction :)

It was obvious from his reactions to the displays that Agent M LOVED the tour! 

We went for a stroll down Diagon Alley

And got to see the Hogwarts Express :)

 The special effects bit was brilliant and we got to see how some of the animatronics worked

The day was great and the tour was amazing ... there is so much to see and the best is kept till last. The final display is the castle and honestly ... Its just WOW!

I highly recommend the tour ... Its expensive but worth it and you can get some great deals on tickets if you look online :)

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