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RIP Magic

Its a sad day here at Crafty Towers, For my Magical P45 has arrived.

My little baby boy has grown up and after loosing another tooth tonight hammered the final nail in my magical coffin.

"Mum, Is the tooth fairy really real?"

He's at that age. I knew it was coming. He's been asking so many questions and tonight it was time to have 'the talk'.

I think he's known for a while though. He smiled the entire time and had that 'i knew it' look on his face.

Still, Its hard.

Probably more so for me as Agent D though i was nuts when i started tearing up in the kitchen over it. Its weird knowing that my baby is growing up. This felt like the last little bit of child-like innocence he had left.

Christmas might be weird this year, although he's been threatened under penalty of no more birthdays not to spoil it for other children.

I've been sacked by the mythical creature administration. I guess i just gotta deal with it and move on.

*At least he didn't ask if he could still have the money lol

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