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RIP Magic

Its a sad day here at Crafty Towers, For my Magical P45 has arrived.

My little baby boy has grown up and after loosing another tooth tonight hammered the final nail in my magical coffin.

"Mum, Is the tooth fairy really real?"

He's at that age. I knew it was coming. He's been asking so many questions and tonight it was time to have 'the talk'.

I think he's known for a while though. He smiled the entire time and had that 'i knew it' look on his face.

Still, Its hard.

Probably more so for me as Agent D though i was nuts when i started tearing up in the kitchen over it. Its weird knowing that my baby is growing up. This felt like the last little bit of child-like innocence he had left.

Christmas might be weird this year, although he's been threatened under penalty of no more birthdays not to spoil it for other children.

I've been sacked by the mythical creature administration. I guess i just gotta deal with it and move on.

*At least he didn't ask if he could still have the money lol

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Super Busy Mum

#31Days Challenge - Day 31

Well its here. The last day of the #31Days blogging challenge.

Bet you'll be glad to see the back of it lol.

Its not been easy and there have been some days where i thought "bugger this for a carry on" but i kept with it and with the exception of a couple of days when i couldn't blog, I've done not to bad.

So here it is, the last prompt ... "Why do you blog".

I blog because i enjoy it.
Its an outlet for me to share my crazy life as a Mama to my little Agent. Its a way to share my crafty makes or yummy recipes with other crafty cooks and more importantly, its a way to connect with others.

I feel like I'm part of a community. I love getting to share these things with you guys and i love getting to share in fellow bloggers lives too. Wither its their kids first step or their family recipe for chicken, Its all interesting to me and its all part of the experience of blogging.

I enjoy it and hopefully will continue to do so. I hope you are all enjoying sharing this life with me and thank you so much for just stopping by. It means alot to me that you care enough to keep coming back ...

And if your new here ... Welcome to the mad house, I'll stick the kettle on :)

#31Days Challenge - Day 30

2 days to go ... I'm kinda proud of myself for only slipping up a couple of times over the 30 days so far. Or does that make me a bad person? Hmmm.

Anyway, Today's prompt is "What's in your make-up bag"

My make-up has two different sections.

I use the top for Eyes & Lips and the bottom for Face (Since those items are bigger).

Foundation -
I have 2 different foundations, both in the Shade Calico from the No7 range ... One is the Matte foundation and one is the Stay Perfect foundation. I love this foundation range as the coverage is brilliant and the shade matches my skin tone quite well (cause I'm so pale).

I have a No 7 concealer pen to match my foundation, again in Calico and Benefit Boi-ing concealer in 01. I love Benefit products but i find it difficult to buy them as they are so expensive.

I do have Lemon Aid, which is a Benefit product used to colour correct under the eyes.

I have a mini bottle of Clinique moisturiser in my make up bag that i got free from a magazine. I usually use the No7 Essential Moisture Day Fluid but the bottle is too big for my bag :)

Face Powder
I have a Bourjois loose powder in Apricot. I like this as the brush is included.

I bought a Eyebrow kit from Avon recently in Soft brown as it seems to be a thing now to have more 'Defined'. I have used it a couple of times with the Brush (pictured) but I'm still unsure how i feel about it.

I have the Instant Radiance highlighter pen from No7. I haven't used it much either as I'm still a little unsure about it. (It was free in a 3 for 2 when i didn't know what else to get).

Face Wipes
Face wipes are a bit 'iffy' with me. Some of them make my skin freak out something awful. I like the Boots ones as they are all quite gentle on my skin. I have the dry skin ones for daily washing/refreshing and the cucumber (normal skin) for removing the make-up. They make my skin feel fresher after having it coated in war paint :)

The top section has Lips and Eyes as well as some tools of the trade :)

I have 4 lip sticks (3 in pink and 1 in red) as well as a dark red lip pen. I love mixing up my make up. I'll either have red lip and a neutral eye or a neutral lip and a smoky eye. When i use the red shades though i find the lip liner is essential (otherwise the colour bleeds out which ain't pretty). 

I use the Sexy Mother Pucker XL gloss by Soap and Glory when i want to add a little shine. 

For days that my lips feel really dry and split too much i use the Body Shop's Lip butter in chocolate. Its not brown like chocolate, just has the choco scent. It makes my lips feel lovely :)

I also have a few Benefit minis for lips that i got free from magazines. Her Glossiness lip gloss in VIP, Lip Plumping Primer and Bene-tint (a lip and cheek stain - Which is really good!)

Eye-liner is my go to 'desert island' item. I love how my eyes look with eye-liner on. So defined and lovely :) The best eye-liner i have ever used is Urban Decay. The colours are so bold and it lasts for ages! Again however its an expensive product that i cant really justify buying on a tight budget. The Eye-liner I'm using just now is the Max Factor Liquid effect which is very similar to the Urban Decay. It is a pencil on one end and smudge tip on the other. I also have a liquid pen when i want a stronger smoky look from Bourjois.

Eye Shadow
 I use 17 Starry Eye Trio in Starstruck (Pink, Grey and Black) and Neptune (Gold, Plum and Black). Both of these are good for a smoky look. For some neutral effect, i like a cream and brown shadow. It looks nice with a coating of mascara.

Speaking of mascara, I have an Urban Decay Primer which makes the lashes look so long and finish it with a coating of Clinique mini mascara (Magazine Freebie) in Black.

I have 3 Eye-shadow brushes (2 Ruby & Millie) and an eyelash curler (which is my second desert island must).

#31Days Challenge - Day 29

Its day 29 of the #31Day challenge and the prompt is "Where have you travelled".

I was a very lucky little girl and got to go on quite a few holidays abroad with my family.

As far as i know this is accurate, however if i have been anywhere else, i was too young to remember it or the parentals haven't told me :)

I have been to ...
  • Canada (when i was 2 so i have no idea what it was like, but i still went), 
  • Florida (a couple of times which from memory was brilliant! Definitely need to go back again!!)
  • Lanzarote (Island not on the map but have counted as Spain)
  • Majorca (hope that's the right island i coloured)
  • All around the UK (Only place i haven't been in the UK in terms of country is Ireland, Which i hope to do some day).

#31Days Challenge - Day 28

Its Day 28 and we're looking into the future with today's prompt "What are you looking forward to?"

I am looking forward to a few things this year.

  • Next month is my cousins wedding reception so we get so celebrate with them. My mum and sister are coming up for it too so i will get to see them again ... I cant wait!
  • I start college again in September which will be brilliant. I've missed my college buddies over the summer and i cant wait to get more skilled and work on more advanced hair techniques. 

  • Its my birthday in October and although my birthdays have been somewhat cursed over the last decade, I'm hoping against hope that this year will be different.

  • Halloween is coming up and I'm sure by now you all know how much of a big deal i make of Halloween! Its the best holiday in my opinion as its not about what you get, its about having fun. That said, i do give prezzies for Halloween :)

  • Then it will be time for Christmas which hopefully will include getting to see my mum and G again. My wee sister has already said that she is staying in England so i know i won't see her :(

#31Days Challenge - Day 27

Its day 27 of the #31Days challenge and we are into the last wee week. Today's Prompt is "post your favourite recipe" ... Thing is i already have :)

My fave is Banana Bread in all its glorious forms.

What glorious forms do i mean? Well Banana bread is a base recipe and you can add lots of things to it. I've tried Nutella and Banana bread,Blueberry and Banana bread and will be making Strawberry and Banana bread next.

Its a wonderful lunch time treat with a wee cup of tea or a breakfast slice that goes great with a caramel latte. You can even put the mix into small cake cases to make Banana bread muffins which Agent M LOVES for his play piece.

The recipe for it can be found HERE ... along with many others which can be found HERE (Since i didn't see the point in posting the same recipe twice).

Silent Sunday - 26/7/15

#31Days Challenge - Day 26

Day 26 is here and the prompt is "An Old Photo of You" ... Kinda ironic it falls today with Sunday turning into photo day on the blog :)

So an old photo of me ... Here's one of me and my little sister when we were at primary school (Hint - im the older one).

#31Days Challenge - Day 25

Day 25 is here and only 6 more to go ... We're doing good no? Today's prompt is "Your 5 Favourite Blogs".

This one is kinda hard as there are lots of blogs that i follow and that i really like. Narrowing it down isn't easy so i chose the 5 that i read the most.

To view the blogs, Just click on their logo's ... Enjoy :)

Super Busy Mum is hosted by Debs. She blogs about family life, recipes, product reviews and hosts the Mad Mid Week Blog Hop. Its a great all round blog that has a little of everything.

Just a Normal Mummy was one of the first blogs i ever discovered and is hosted by Wally Mummy.She blogs about her children and the darker side of parenting. (plus side there is always gin!) This blog is hysterical! Its clear to see why she's won awards for it!

Single Mother Ahoy is hosted by Vicky and has posts about her life with her daughter as well as some thought provoking posts. She posts about issues that many of us face as well as some tips on parenting. Vicky co-hosts the Weekend Blog hop

ClaireJustine is hosted by, You guessed it, Claire Justine. She blogs about family life, Fashion, Recipes, and crafts. She hosts the Creative Mondays, Wednesday blog hop and Welcome to the Weekend.

Fat Mum Slim is hosted Chantelle. She blogs about her life down under with her family, recipes and photography. She runs the #FMSPhotoADay challenge.

Its OK not to fully book your summer

All parents of school aged kids know the trials and tribulations that come with the summer holidays. The shear mention of 7 weeks holiday is enough to make the best of us break into the sweats but there are ways and means to keep the kids entertained over the summer ... without booking them out.

I feel like I'm the only parent that hasn't got her kid booked into some form of club or activity every day of the summer holidays. I've heard about kids that will leave the house at 9am and be doing some form of activity right up till dinner time and I've seen the outcome with one child in particular being so tired, the poor lass sat on the swings and cried her eyes out when we were playing in the park. I cant help but feel so sorry for these kids cause they are shuffled from place to place and get no family time. Most adults are knackered from working those hours so just imagine how tiring it must be when your running around or playing with others all day. I feel knackered just hearing about these kids schedules.

Agent M had a few activities and workshops over the summer but I'm using this time off to actually spend with him. Yes there are times when I'm grateful for the time he's away as i can fit a client in or do some work on the house but when the schools and college start back, our time together will be limited again. We will be too tired to spend the day crafting or wont have enough hours in the day to take a walk to the park. Even something as simple as playing Jenga with him is a bonus as its Mama and Teeny time :)

Yes keeping kids busy will keep them out of your hair and stop the "I'm bored" but maybe its good for them to be bored once in a while. I like that Agent M can entertain himself and if a prompt is needed cause Mama has housework or paperwork to do he can always reach for the Bored Jar. Its also giving me a chance to teach him things like trying different crafts and how to cook. 

I think one on one time with your kids is important. And lets face it, I'll blink and Agent M will be a teenager who wants nothing to do with me *sob*.

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#31Days Challenge - Day 24

Day 24 folks and the prompt is "Your Favourite Childhood book". This was a really easy answer ...

As a kid i had almost all of these books and read them religiously. I guess I've kinda always been into horror, even as a child. I love that these books are making a come back too. I see them more and more when Agent M and i go to the library and its only a matter of time before i can share them with him. Though I'm not sure what age i should introduce the books to his reading list.

I know its a kids film but I'm really excited for the movie to come out too (with the exception on the clown in it *Shivers*). I've always been a fan and will continue to be (I'm hoping to start adding the books to my kindle now they are more readily available. Just need to save up for them).

Anyway, My favourite of the books is the Haunted Mask.

I don't know why but this book has always stood out in my mind as its the book i read the most often.

Its about a young girl who wants to have the scariest costume and comes across this gruesome monster mask. Only problem is that when she puts it on, she starts to become the monster. Eventually she puts it on one too many times and the mask sticks.

Its seems she's doomed to become a monster forever.

Spoiler Alert - Its a really good book! :)

#31Day Challange - Day 23

Day 23 is here of the #31Day Challenge which means we have just over a week left. Not bad really and i feel like its been worth it as i'm getting back into the swing of this blogging thing :)

Anyways, Today's prompt is "Your Dream Job" which is a bit of a tough one. How would you define a dream job?

For a job that i think would be amazing and would love to do (but know i will never do) ... would be a Villain at Disney world. 

How cool would it be to get to act out a different villain every day. See all these excited children and get to say Mickey Mouse is your boss :)

I wouldn't care which villain i was playing that day either as they are all brilliant.

For a job that i would love to do (that is probably not a real job) ... Would be a craft kit tester.

Getting to test out all these different kits that on-one else had before would be cool. I'd get paid to do my hobby and i wouldn't have to feel bad about wanting time to make something cause it would be my job or feel bad about buying supplies as it would be sent to me for free.

For a job that i can do (and am working towards) ... would be a professional hairdresser.

I love hairdressing as its a creative job that changes all the time. Each client is different and has a different need so no two days are the same. I was a fluke that i fell into hairdressing but now that i'm in it, I LOVE it!

If i could have it anyway (which i suppose is the definition of a dream job) would be to own my own salon (maybe even two) and work on a fashion show or magazine shoot. Imagine being able to work on a movie or be a hairdresser to the stars? How Fan-bloody-tastic would that be?!

Pet Safe Gardens

With the sunny weather coming in, Agent M and i are going to gut the back garden and make it a flowery haven to sit or play in.

There is however a stipulation to whatever we grow ... It has to be pet safe for Shabba.

Quite often i will leave the back door open while i am in the kitchen so that he can roam around the garden, stretch his legs, and quite often lie in the sun (his fave thing to do on warm days) so it would be a shame if we had to keep him inside because we turned the garden into a hazardous area.

I'll be honest, i have no idea what type of plants would be toxic to Shabba which as a pet owner, is an important thing to know. That's why I'm glad to be able to tell you about a campaign that has recently been launched.

MORE TH>N and Charlie Dimmock have teamed up to launched a new Pet Safe campaign to raise awareness of pets potentially being poisoned by common household plants and flowers – which is particularly timely given that pets are likely to spend more time outdoors over the next few months due to improving weather.

Their aim to to highlight the hidden dangers that some of the most common plants in British gardens can possess to our four legged friends. 
"With four in every five household gardens containing toxic plants, it’s no surprise that almost 10% of cats and dogs have ingested poisonous plants or flowers. Of those, 43% subsequently needed urgent veterinary care, while 15% sadly passed away".

They have put together some information for pet owners highlighting the dangers that some of these garden plants can cause. 

MORE TH>N has found that 78% of British gardens contain plants that are toxic to cats and dogs. With one in every three pet owners (31%) admitting they have no idea if the plants and flowers in their gardens are toxic. This includes myself, however MORE TH>N have put together a list of safe flowers for your garden including Fuchsia, Lavender and Sunflowers. You can find the list HERE.

I was really surprised to find how common some of the most dangerous plants were. Many of which i have had in my garden in the past.

Its not just flowering plants that can present a problem for our pets, It turns out there are food plants that can poison them too like Asparagus, Grape vines and Tomato plants. There is a more detailed list of toxic plants that can be found HERE

MORE TH>N have found that 71% of all pet owners cannot identify any of the symptoms of poisoning in their cat or dog which is also worrying as delaying getting treatment can make the outcome alot more serious. These symptoms can include ...

Oral or skin irritation
Upset stomach / Vomiting / Diarrhoea
Rapid breathing
Heart failure
Excitability or lethargy
Increased Thirst
Dilated Pupils
Dizziness / Loss of Balance

Its important that if you think your pet may have ingested something toxic that you get help from your vet right away.

So how can you help support the campaign?

I for one am going to make sure than any plant we buy for the garden are pet safe to ensure both my little boy and my furry boy can play safely and have fun.

Pet owners can also win free pet friendly flower seeds via MORE TH>N’s social channels; www.facebook.com/morethan and www.twitter.com/morethan.

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#31Days Challenge - Day 22

Hey peeps, Its Day 22 and time for another post from the #31Days Challenge. Today's Prompt is "The best thing to happen this year" ... Which for me is an easy one.

This year i passed my hairdressing course and became a qualified hairdresser :)

It was a little weird at first being back in education and if i didn't have the support of the Agents and my family, i wouldn't have been able to go let alone pass.

I am going back again after the summer to learn more advanced techniques however i have enjoyed being able to work on clients in the mean time as it is helping me build up a look book and client base as well as allowing me to meet some lovely people.

Its amazing the difference having a job you love makes to the work day and i look forward to getting to work in a salon in the future.

M is for ...

Remember this ... Its been a WHILE! April to be exact! 

I swear i'll get the hang of this some time lol

While we were on holiday i took a trip to the Hobby Craft store and seen a kit that i wanted to try and i decided to share it with you ... Thats why M is for MOSAIC

I have wanted to try mosaics for a wee while but the whole adhesive glues and grout thing kind of put me off for a while. For the first time trying a craft i wanted a smaller project to do so i was happy when i found these kits in Hobby Craft.

They have an adhesive backed coaster so all you have to do is stick the mosaic tiles on ... Simple :)  Inside the kit is a small bag of tiles ... in this case Pink tones and the acrylic coaster with the adhesive glue on the back.

The packet has a pattern on the back which you can follow however i decided to go with the flow and make a random pattern. The instructions are pretty clear too ... Peel the paper back a little at a time and place the individual tiles on one at a time.
 I will say the the adhesive backing is really strong so make sure you are very carefully placing the tiles on. I had to keep stopping every wee while to help Agent M out with a project so its a little all over the place but I'm still happy with my first attempt.

Plus the slightly wonky look is actually quite nice ... What with me being weird and all :)

And its big enough to hold large mugs ... Cause i don't actually own small/regular ones anymore :)
I bought a blue one too so that Agent D can have a matching one ... plus i get to have another go at mosaics ... Win Win :)

You can find this and many other coaster kits on the Hobby Craft Website or in store

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