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Leave out all the rest

Nine days ago an article popped up on my Facebook news feed. Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park had taken his own life aged 41.

I was gutted.
Photograph by Tibor Bozi / Redux

I hurt for the memories i had growing up listening to his music. I hurt for his family. His wife and 6 kids that now have to find a way to continue without him. His extended family, his band mates who undoubtedly have this void in their lives. But more importantly i hurt for him. Because i understand the pain he was in and i can relate to feeling like you just cant cope.

I am just sorry that he lost his fight.

Its unpopular my views on suicide. I don't agree with it by any stretch but i get why it can seem like the only way. I have seen it from both sides of the coin so i feel i have quite a good understanding of both arguments.

When i was younger i had a close member of my family attempt to take their on life, on more than one occasion. At the time i was incredibly frustrated and harboured quite a lot of hate towards them. I only understood it from a child's point of view. It was selfish and it felt almost like an attack on us. Were we not good enough as a family to want to stay?

To a certain extent suicide is a selfish act. But not in how you might think. Suicide is the last resort. It can often seem like the only solution when medicine and support just cant ease the constant pain. Unless you have spent extended periods of your life in constant pain or misery then you cant fully comprehend why someone might think suicide is a valid option. In that respect suicide is selfish cause the person in despair is choosing not to be in pain anymore.

Watercolour Postcards

I love to paint. I first learnt about the different mediums when i was at school and since then i have always had some form of paint project on the go at any one time.

But for those of you who have never picked up a brush, i can imagine it would be quite daunting. That's why I've created a kind of tutorial to show just how simple it can be to create something pretty no matter how little skill you may have to start with. 

Friday Phone Dump - 7/7/17

I love the end of the week when i clear out my phone folder. It gives me a chance to look thorough pictures i have forgot i took and lets me look back on the week.

This week was the 1st official one of the Summer holidays and its been a jam packed one. In fact today has been the first day that we have spent in our PJs, just chilling and watching Disney DVD's.

We've been to a bike show, held owls, practised archery, made butterflies, painted pictures, helped grow caterpillars, attended a double baptism, went swimming, attempted ice-skating, drank copious amounts of caffeine, spent time with family and broke a nail in at the quick ... and we're only 7 days in.

Zelda Triforce Birthday Cake

This week was Agent D's 28th Birthday and i wanted to make him a birthday cake. Since he's Zelda daft i thought i would make a Triforce cake. And what a giggle we had!

Now, let me preface this by saying I'm not and have never claimed to be a great cake decorator. 

I can bake amongst the best of them and it always tastes amazing but when it comes to decorating, i tend to go basic.

When I've made Agent M's cakes in the past I've preferred to paint them using food colouring or work with icing in pipe bags. This time though i thought i would try my hand at ready to roll icing. Oh how hindsight is a great thing.

Although my cake didn't turn out how i had imagined, it was recognisable, Agent M and i had a great laugh making it and Agent D was beyond thrilled that we made his day as special as we could when he wasn't expecting anything.

The cake itself turned out delish and you can find the recipe below.