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Winter Essentials for Hair

Doing these courses at college has taught me quite a bit ... and with my clients I've been giving them after care advice that is essential in the winter weather.

Then i had a thought, Why not share with everyone else too ... Everyone should be able to have gorgeous hair.

The colder weather can reek havoc on your hair, drying it out and making it brittle. This can lead to it becoming static when you brush it and it can snap and break very easily.

Not good!

But there is a solution ... Deep Conditioning treatments! There are products that you can buy to use at home or for a more intense treatments i would recommend you go to your hairdresser. It will give your hair that influx of moisture that it desperately needs and on the milder 'do it at home' ones, you use once a week.

If your hair is really dry usually, i would try to give the heated styling tools a miss, unless you really have to. Using tongs and straighteners repeatedly on your hair will damage it and can hinder growth. If you absolutely cant go without straightening or curling then please please please use heat protection spray before you go anywhere near the appliances.

The wind is a bit of a bitch too. Windswept is beautiful when its created by hand but lets be honest natural wind swept looks like birds have tried to nest on your head. A good way to stop that is to put your hair in a pleat or a bun. This will minimise damage to your hair.
If your hair is too short for a pleat or bun then a hat is your best friend here. You can always couple the pleat and the hat look. Since heat escapes from the top of your head, you'll be extra toasty and fashionable to boot.

Also it should go without saying DONT GO OUTSIDE WITH WET HAIR! (Just incase no one has told you this before!) 

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