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Boredom Jar

Kids today ... I remember when i was little i would just chill in the garden or find something to keep me entertained yet these days kids need constant stimulation. I am gobsmacked when Agent M says to me he is "bored". How with everything you have can you possibly be bored?

Then it clicked, Its not that he has "nothing to do" ... Its more he cant think of what he wants to do. So that's where this gem come in to play.

The boredom jar.

Its such a simple idea ... I'm surprised i hadn't heard of it before.

Take a bunch of lolly pop sticks and write activities on them. When your little one says the dreaded words, ask then to pick a stick from the jar.


He's the catch though ... They HAVE TO DO IT! And not every stick is a fun activity but that's the compromise as there are also sticks in there that might be stuff your not keen on either. Whatever they pull is what they do

Making them is easy too. All you need is some washi tape and 100 lolly pop sticks. You dont even have to use different colours - I just did cause i have a fair few rolls of washi for my planners :)

There are loads of ideas you can use on Pinterest but here is the 100 i used for our jar ... Feel free to use it or make up your own.
  1. One chore (mum’s choice) 
  2. One chore (your choice) 
  3. Play with clay or play-dough 
  4. Draw a dinosaur 
  5. Make a map of the neighbourhood 
  6. Make a map of your imaginary town 
  7. Gather up any washing 
  8. Sweep up the Living room floor 
  9. Play a board game 
  10. Play a card game 
  11. Colour in 
  12. Make a time capsule 
  13. Build a blanket fort 
  14. Play outside for 30 minutes 
  15. 15 minutes of screen time 
  16. 30 minutes of screen time 
  17. Draw a castle 
  18. Draw a city 
  19. Watch a movie 
  20. Go to the library 
  21. Read for 15 minutes 
  22. Read for 30 minutes 
  23. Read for 45 minutes 
  24. Call a relative 
  25. Tell a story 
  26. Make play-dough 
  27. Make cookies 
  28. Bake something 
  29. Have a treat 
  30. Eat a piece of fruit 
  31. Write a list of 20 things that make you happy 
  32. Take a walk 
  33. Find five nature items and identify them 
  34. Learn five facts about any animal 
  35. Learn five facts about any country 
  36. Draw your house 
  37. Draw a family portrait 
  38. Do a craft on your own 
  39. Clean your toys out 
  40. Find five toys to donate to someone else 
  41. Write a story that starts with, “One day, I went to the moon.” 
  42. Play hopscotch 
  43. 20 minutes of exercise 
  44. Do 20 jumping jacks 
  45. Count to 200 
  46. Practise math for 15 minutes 
  47. Clean out your room 
  48. Sort laundry into darks and lights 
  49. Draw a dog 
  50. Draw a galaxy 
  51. Play in your room for 30 minutes 
  52. Play a video game for 1 hour 
  53. Sweep the kitchen floor 
  54. Make a comic book 
  55. Take a bubble bath 
  56. Take a shower 
  57. Water the plants 
  58. Choose a treat out the lucky bag 
  59. Draw a jungle 
  60. Draw a dragon 
  61. Paint 
  62. Make bubble solution and blow bubbles 
  63. Do one science experiment, your choice 
  64. Do one science experiment, mum’s choice 
  65. Read one book 
  66. Learn five facts about any person 
  67. Go to the park 
  68. Build with LEGOs 
  69. Watch one show 
  70. Mum’s choice 
  71. Make someone a “just because” card 
  72. Create a family flag 
  73. Listen to music 
  74. Draw a picture for mum 
  75. Draw a picture for dad 
  76. Draw a picture and mail it to someone 
  77. Write a letter 
  78. Organise your toys 
  79. Rest quietly for 30 minutes 
  80. Draw with your foot 
  81. Draw dad 
  82. Draw mum 
  83. Thumb wrestle 
  84. One hour of screen time 
  85. Update your birthday or holiday wish list 
  86. Make a collage 
  87. Draw a beautiful tree 
  88. Choose any toy and play for 30 minutes 
  89. Finish and illustrate this story: “Once upon a time, I ate a dinosaur.” 
  90. Have a picnic 
  91. Make a robot out of recycled stuff 
  92. Doodle for 20 minutes 
  93. Write a poem 
  94. Make a bird feeder or fill one you already own 
  95. Make brownies 
  96. Do an art project 
  97. Make paper airplanes 
  98. Take pictures or have a photo shoot 
  99. Find a rock and paint it 
  100. Draw an aquarium
The great thing about this jar is that there is always something that can be done and its a great way to get your kids to start using their imaginations too. Agent M has created some amazing robots and some funny comic books after prompts from the jar.