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The quaran-teen diaries

So much as happened since I put my blog on hold. Too much really to delve into but the most recent thing of course being the whole world getting hit with the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Here in the UK the instructions have been kinda weird. We are in lock down but not really, but kinda have rules, but they are just guidelines, but if you break them you will get fined, unless you are an MP in which case you can do what you like. Its been a bit of a weird time for the whole world and the constant news updates were getting suffocating. I had to take a social media embargo for a while. A daily death count is terrifying at the best of times but when many of my family are key workers or high risk, it got to be a trigger for me. I would just break down and cry all day cause my mental health just tanked. Not a good way to be when you have to keep your kid calm too.

Here in Scotland we seem to have slightly different rules and guidelines so those are the ones we follow. Rather than listen to the contradictions from Downing Street, I would wait to see what Holyrood said. B was a massive help when all this first started. He was keeping up to date with everything due to work so he could give me the information I needed and keep the horrible stuff to his self. It might seem like I was burring my head in the sand, but being drip fed details helped me process it better and focus on what I could control in all this, which was what was happening in my home. 

B, by the way, is my partner, my fella, my protector and quite possibly the love of my life. We have been together for almost 7 months now and he is absolutely amazing. 

Chillin' with my protector

Our isolation kind of happened before the “official” lockdown began as M’s school had to close due to teacher shortages. So today – 12th June, is day 86 for us. That is a looooong time to have no break from a cranky teen and it’s a challenge to home school when he’s smarter than me. Bless him though he still asks for help when needed and I’m amazing at googling how to find the answers. I’m keen to learn with him. He got all his first-choice subjects for S2 so I’ll be learning Spanish along with him. Espero pronto. 

We have only had the occasional face to face interactions in this time. The delivery people, My aunt and of course B. I am missing my family and friends like mad but I do understand why we all need to keep safe and getting in multiple trains for 7 hours to go down south to see our family sounds like one giant panic attack waiting to happen. Instead he and I have to settle for video calls which is still fun. Getting to see my baby niece grow but is amazing, even though missing her 2nd birthday this summer is gonna make me cry

M officially a teen now too. His birthday was right at the beginning of lock down, so he was able to enjoy it with B and myself before social distancing came into play. It’s a bit of a weird way to start your teen years but to be fair, pretty much all of 2020 has been weird so it fits with the theme. He got some very cool gifts, the cake he requested and a Dominos for dinner. He says he had a great day so i'm not gonna argue.

Wanted a "crunchie" cake - he got a crunchie cake

So together we just potter about around the house or sit outside in the sun. He spends time after school work chatting with his pals via video or regular calls. They all have online gaming so can connect via Nintendo or Xbox and play together. You get a real insight into the teen boy mindset when you are privy to their conversations. On occasion I have been like "What the hell are they talking about" but it usually is Minecraft logic. Not my area of expertise so I just leave them to it. 

I've been working on a few side projects to keep myself occupied. I've occasionally had some Xbox time too - Currently working my way through Jurassic World Evolution. I love me some Dino's. I'm working on plans for different crafty projects to keep my brain as calm as possible. I'll be sharing the makes with you lovely lot of course. If you follow me on Instagram then you'll probably get WIP hints too. Last summer I got back into drawing which I have been enjoying. I have created a whole new Instagram for my artwork as it was getting a bit confusing having them all on my regular feed plus not all of my art is "on brand". You cant please everyone, but my art is for me so I'm not prepared to be censored too much. Hence the birth of poison apple art studio.

VR when RL is WTF

For the time being, we have no idea when the lock down will end. There is some relaxation of the rules/guidelines/restrictions/whatever you wanna call it, but i dont think that will last long the way things are currently going. The world feels like its burning down, and I’m in no rush to head back out to the real-life game of Jumanji we seem to be in.

Thank goodness for Netflix.